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Monday, 1 June 2020 07:38 PM BST

Everything Old is New Again

'Art Deco Style' as a popular term, really came into regular usage during the 1960's, during the revival of interest in the style it represented and remains in use today. 


For me, it was what contributed to a way of life in my home from the late 1920's until the early 40's.  Being a middle class 'depression family' we were able to avail ourselves of the abundant mass-produced, machine made products.  These were dubbed 'kitsche'  a German word meaning 'trash'.  Today, kitsch is often spelled with a capital 'K', and one can pay more today for a Chase Chrome item accentuated with Bakelite than my mother did for an Art Nouveau vase then.  The key word here is 'stylish'.  It was cheap in price then but it had style.  As I clearly recall, the kitchen was the heart of family life as it still is in many homes today. 


Our table was set with colorful tablecloths, some of which were 'State' themes, if the family went on vacation and they would bring home a souvenir tablecloth such as Florida or California.  Mom would wear aprons that also had themes, but always cheerful and colorful designs.  Tea towels were used  sometimes they were converted into cafe curtains for the kitchen.  Napkin rings made of Bakelite and Lucite, some with animal themes, created a festive table and went perfectly with the Bakelite flatware in bright colors.  I recall food being prepared and served with equally attractive Bakelite utensils.  Although the times were not the best, items such as these created a happy atmosphere.  To me, its look stayed with me until today!


It gives us pleasure to say welcome to Evelynne's Oldies But Goodies and the world of collecting Kitsche today!  Utensils using Bakelite and other Vintage Plastics, the vintage fabrics and tablecloths in bright and striking colors are decorative, useful and functional additions to the home and are sought after by collectors today.  Kitchenware utensils and tableware such as Bakelite flatware, napkin rings, pastry serves, beaters, choppers, dough blenders, potato mashers, spatulas and servings spoons and of course Bakelite handled ice cream scoops, are just examples of the fabulous Vintage Bakelite kitchenware items available to add just the right amount of vintage pizzazz to your kitchen today!  One should be eclectic in choosing Vintage Bakelite home accessories; mix and match all the fabulous colors and styles available. 


It pleases us to say that at Evelynne's Oldies But Goodies (a mother-daughter partnership!), we specialize in and have considerable knowledge in and bring these authentic vintage items and more to you from our home to your home!  Please stop by anytime and browse our large selection of authentic Vintage Bakelite Kitchenware and other items of the era; our pleasure to welcome you and assist you with anything you see!


Be sure to visit our shop.


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