Of the Green Family from Harpole, Northamptonshire their Ancestors and Relatives

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Earliest mentions of Greens in Kingsthorpe

In 1883 the vicar of Kingsthorpe created a list of old documents, and excerpts from some, in a book called:
Kingsthorpiana or Researches in a Church Chest
I have extracted all mentions of the name Green from this book. I have also included early Greens from the Kingsthorpe parish register.

If anyone has any more information on early Greens in Kingsthorpe I would be very grateful if they could contact me.

In reign of Richard II (1367-1400)
Mention of Johs Grene and Radulphi Grene.

40 years before 33rd year of the reign of Henry VIII (1491-1547)  1484
Mention of Sir Thomas Greene, Knight of Buckton.
Master Greene, Lord of Buckton

2nd year of the reign of Edward VI  (1537-1553) 1539
Lady Elizabeth Grane [Grene]? landowner in Molton.

Parish register 1575

4th June Richard Green married Alice Munn.

2nd September Izacher Green son of Richard chistened.

Parish Register 1580

29th October Alice Green married George Astell

William Greene of Kingsthorpe.

Parish Register 1595

11th January Thomas Green son of Thomas Green christened.

Parish Register 1649

The name John Greene appears at end of baptisms register with no explanation.

Wm. Green, junior


Note: Buckton is now known as Boughton, Molton is now known as Moulton

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