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Thomas Major of Stockbridge 1742-1811 His Will

Thomas was a Surgeon and Man midwife in Stockbridge. This will has been transcribed with line breaks as in original and items in [  ] are those that I can't decipher.

This is the last will and testament of Thomas
Major of Stockbridge in the county of Southampton gentleman made
in sound mind memory and understanding this seventh day of March
in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven ffirst I
will and direct that all my just costs ffuneral & testamentary expenses
be paid & satisfied out of my personal estate by my executors
hereinafter named. I give devise & bequeath unto my friends peter
Cowdery of Lower Wallop in the county of Southampton gentleman
& Richard Cowdrey of Middletown in the parish of Droxford in the
said county of Southampton gentleman all my messuages lands &
tenaments heredits situate lying & being in the several parishes of
Stockbridge and Andover in the County of Southampton & all other my
real estate whatsoever & whersoever situate & being and also all my
household goods & ffurniture monies & securities for money and all other
my personal estate & effects whatsoever and wheresoever & of what
nature or kind  soever of which I shall be possessed or entitled to at
the time of my decease to hold the same messuages lands tenaments
heredits & real estate and also all & singular my personal estate above
mentioned unto the use of the said Peter Cowdery and Richard
Cowdery their heirs execs admons & assigns for ever according to the

nature & quality of the [   ] estates respectively upon the several
trusts & to and for the several ends intents & purposes hereinafter declared
of & concerning the same that is to say upon trust that they the said
Peter Cowdery & Richard Cowdery & the survivor of them & their heirs Exors & Admors
of such survivor shall & so as soon as conveniently may be after
my  decease sell & dispose of all & every the said messuages lands
tenements heredits & real estate also all & singular my said
personal estate which shall not consist of money in such lots and
parcels & either by public or private sale or sales as to them the said
trustees or trustee shall  [      ] & also shall [              ] and
perform all necessary and proper goods conveyances and assurances for the
purpose of vesting the same in any purchase or purchases thereof
or of any parts thereof or in such other person or persons & for such [ ]
intents or purposes as he or they shall direct or appoint and I hereby
[   ]& direct that the survivor or survivors of the said trustees or
trustee of this my will for the time being shall be good valid and
sufficient discharge & discharges to the person or persons
respectively who shall [  ] the purchase or purchases of all
or any part of my said real or personal estates hereby [   ]
to be sold for such money as shall in script or scripts
respectively by & for [ ] to be [ ] and that such purchase or
purchases shall not afterwards be answerable or accountable
for that [  ] action or [   ] of the value or any
part thereof and I do hereby will [   ] that they the
said Peter Cowdery & Richard Cowdery & the survivor of them
& their Exors & admons of such Survivor do and shall stand posessed of
the monies to arise by such sale or sales of unpaid real & personal
estates & of such part of my said personal estate and shall consist of
money upon trust to lay out & [                     ] or real
Security at Interest in the names of my said trustees or trustee of this
my will for the time being & to pay apply & dispose of the dividends
interest & proceeds therof unto my wife Mary Major as long as she
shall continue my widow & unmarried & from & immediately after
the decease or second marriage of my said wife upon trust in the
first place to pay my son William Major the sum of one hundred
pounds part thereof the said principal Trust monies I having
already advanced the like sum to each of my other children and
as to all the just residue & remainder of the aforesaid principal
trust monies upon trust & I do hereby order & direct my said trustees
or trustee of this my will for the time being to pay apply and divide
the same unto amongst & between my children hereinafter
named that is to say Thomas Major ann pickering wife of
Robert pickering of Winchester Butcher George Major Ffortune
McKay wife of James McKay of Stockbridge aforesaid Jane?
Campbell widow & William Major & finally to be divided between
them their Exors admons & assigns share & share alike and I
do hereby declare that it is my express will & Instruction that
neither my daughter Mary nor her husband Charles Bloxham
of Stockbridge aforesaid Surgeon shall have or take any Interest
or benefit whatsoever under or by virtue of this my will provided
always and I do hereby will order & direct that my said trustees and
the trustee for the time being of this my will shall from time to time
by & out of the aforesaid trust monies reimburse to themselves and
himself all such costs charges & expenses which they or either of
them shall be put unto in & about the execution of this will & the
trusts hereby in them or him reposed and that my said trustees and
trustee for the time being shall not be answerable or accountable

for any loss any more of the said trust monies than shall actually
come to their hands respectively nor from any loss or losses which
may happen to all or any part thereof so as the [   ] happen
without their or either of their wilful default or neglect and
lastly I do nominate & appoint the said peter cowdery & Richard
Cowdery Executors in trust of this my will hereby revoking all former
wills & [ ] by me made in witness whereof I the said Thomas
Major have to this my last will & testament written &  [  ]
in three sheets of paper to the first & second sheets therof put my
hand only & to this the third & last sheet thereof my hand &
seal this day &  first above written Thomas Major his
mark            Signed Sealed published & declared by the above
named Thomas Major theretofor as & for his last Will & testament in the presence
of us who at his request in his presence & in the presence of each
other have hereunto inscribed our names as witnesses thereto
Henry John Giles Surgeon /-/Thomas Moore /-/ Richd Perren

Proved at London 25th nov 1812 before the Judge by the oaths
of Peter Cowdery & Richard Cowdery the Exors to whom admon was
granted being first sworn by common duty to admin.

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