John Grene of Boughton who died in 1555 - His Will

Monday, 23 August 2010 11:30 AM BST

Contributed by: Jerry Green

I have traced my Green family tree back to Dallington and Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire. William Green died in Kingsthorpe in 1708.
I am now looking at all Greens in Adjoining parishes to see if I can find William's forbears. At present I know of no link between William and John.
Testament of John Grene of
Boughton in the countie of North[t?] husbandm[an]
In the name of god Amen? this xth day of Julye
in the yere of our lorde god 1555? I John Grene
husbandma[n] of the p[ar]ishe of Boughton of the [?]of
Petersborough and of the countie of northampts hole of
mynde and in p[er]fycte remembrance do make and
ordayne and declare this to be my pnte testament
conteynynge my last will utterly revokinge and
disannullinge? all other my willes and testaments by me
at any tyme or tymes herebefore made or devysed to
stand void and this to be my last will and testament
in manner and forme Followinge First? I bequethe
my soule to almyghtie god and to our ladye saint mary
and to all the holye companye? of heaven and my bodye to
be buryed in the churche yarde of [?] Saynt John
baptist in Boughton aforesaid also I bequeath to the high
alter there of the p[ar]ishe churche of boughton aforesaid
in Recompense and satisfaction for my tethes? negligentley
forgotten or w[ith] holden iiiid? Item to peturbo [ ] ijd? Item
I bequethe towards the R[e]pa[ra]cons of the b?elles -iiijd?
Item I bequethe to John grene and to Thomas
grene xxs and eche of them ane hewe and A
lamb Item to Hellen grene xs ane ewe and
a lamb Item I bequethe to Austyn grene xs
and a ewe and a lamb Item to Richard grene an
ewe and a lame Item to ales grene ane ewe and
a lame The Resydewe of all my goods and
cattelles moveable and immoveable I geve them to my wiffe
whom I make my full executrix of this my last will
and testam[en]t and my sup[er]visors hereof Willm T---
Thomis Millner? wyttenes hereof Thomas wilke willm
martinge Willm T--- and Thomas mylner?.. [otherwis?]

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