Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

Sunday, 7 November 2010 11:02 PM GMT

Contributed by: Jerry Green

Lambourn Woodlands


Oct 13th 1936


My dearest Phyll
Thanks so much for your long newsy letter. Also snaps. Diane is sweet. Such a lovely little round face & looks so content. I just long to have her & cuddle her up! So sorry, my dear, I have not written lately – early in September Greeta, Cecil & Dick came – after a few days G&C went off to Barry for a week. Dick was very good with us & settled down quite well. He slept in the cot in Bubble’s room & would get into her bed in the morn & wait for Granny to bring his porridge. Cecil has a car now, an Austin – very nice & comfy – so of course they motored to Wales & the week they spent with us on their return we went about quite a lot. They went down to see Doreen – she has been living at home since Jack went to India but she is going out to him at the end of the month & taking the baby – rather a big responsibility – alone – but Jack was anxious to see what the place was like out there before they went. Greeta & Cecil also went down to see Aunt Dorothy at Hendred & to Fairford to Aunt O’s. It was so quiet & lonely after they went back. We rather expected them to turn up last Sunday as Jack & Joan were here for the weekend. Josephine is very sweet & so good. I think she is finding of some teeth. Is Diane? Jo dribbles so & tries to bite every thing. She rolls over on her tummy when put on the floor & will soon crawl. They went back yesterday & Daddy with them – he will enjoy the change & will like looking round Jack’s farm. It was rather a job getting him off! Made all kinds of excuses – but he needs a holiday & I am sure the boys can manage. Bunty has been invited to “Yew Tree” again this year for the Dairy Show which is next week, so I think perhaps Jack will take him back on Saturday when they bring Daddy home. Kenneth is going to Fairford for a week later on. & he & Terry are off to London to ther Motor Show. Aunt O. seems rather worried about Francis. Freda wrote & said he arrived in B. A. without any money. Olive cannot think what he has done with his – she also had a bill for £40 for nursing house expenses. Aunt O. has sent him no end of clothes & top boots since he went out. Between you & me I think Francis is sly & artful. I don’t believe Rene would send him off like that, do you?
Mr Hellard has gone to a nursing home in Reading for treatment & a course of injections. Bunt went up to see him last wk but Kate was giving him a bath & general clean up before going today!!
Harvest Festival at Eastbury – the boys & I were going down to Church this eve but it is pouring with rain has been a beastly day – so we shall probably go on Sunday. Jack & Joan went down last Sunday morn with Daddy. I saw Mrs Eric Patterson in Newbury the other day – she always enquires for you. I happened to have the snaps with me – she very much admired Diane & thinks you live in a lovely place. I had to tell you she has fallen in love with your house. We have had a very poor Summer – only a fortnight of really hot weather & so much rain – however a very fair harvest & the price of wheat is better than last year. The boys are busy planting wheat now – we have about 40 acres in – suppose this rain will stop them for a bit – they are very anxious to get on well now Daddy is away. I am enclosing a letter from Joan – it may interest you though written a week or so back – they have now moved into the new part of the house. Did I tell you that a baby is really expected at “La Maria” in February? Bob seems awfully pleased – he wonders if I am grey – he thinks a granny of 5 should be. I’m not grey yet. Mrs Manchester says the grand children should call me auntie. I look too young to be called granny!! This is horrible ink but am using Bubble’s pen – have broken mine. Bub is very pleased Greeta sent her a sweet evening frock – blue silk with flowers on – quite plain – with frills on skirt – neck & round arms – very low back – rather is stiff silk. Bub has grown very much lately – nearly as tall as me. Give my love to Tony – tell him I am still hoping for a letter.
I have not been to Eastbury for some time. Greet & C went down once or twice. Granny is keeping very well for her – gets out in a bath chair & still sleeps down stairs.
Now I think I have told you all the news. Must just write & let Daddy know everything is alright. I expect he has been to market with Jack today.
Give Diane a real nice kiss & cuddle up from Granny – don’t worry about her getting fat – she will be all the better when teething – so long as she is content & regular in her habits there is nothing to worry about. You do not belong to a fat family & I think Tony looks quite normal etc?
Well Ta Ta my dearest – lots & lots of love & kisses from everyone – all the bestest from your loving Mother

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