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Friday, 19 July 2019 05:21 AM BST

Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

Lambourn Woodlands





My dearest Phyllis and Tony
No news from you for ages. I do hope you are all well. We thought of you on the 6th and wished Diana many happy returns: I expect she chatters away in her baby language – each day doing or saying something new. Joan writes to say Josephine has 5 teeth and can stand by herself. She will be a year old May 6th and Dick 3 years May 9th. He and Greeta stayed with us for 10 days at Easter. Cecil went to Camp with the Territorials but they had dreadful weather. I cannot remember such a long wet winter as we have had this time – terrible months of rain. Nothing can be done on the farms, planting all behind and no-end of threshing to do. It is the same everywhere.
We went over to see Aunt Rose whilst Greet was here – also to Newbury and I took the snaps of you and Billo with the babes in for Mrs Booth to see. Lil almost envys you. She does not seem to make much headway towards marriage. Cannot understand really because she is quite a pretty girl and smart and very nice. She has heard from Doreen who has settled down in India and likes it very much. Dick Lee is coming over from Canada for the Coronation – he is in the Mounted Police and of course will be on duty but Mrs Lee hopes he will come home – If he cannot Greet has asked her up there where Dick could easily get to her. Great preparations everywhere for the 12th here. They are having a meat tea and a Cinema – beastly affair we think – Can you picture us going off with a knife and fork and a mug for tea or beer!!! No – we shall not be there. Of course we have given something towards it but have got out of helping by saying we may not be here. Greet wants us to go there a few days before the 12th and go to town to see the decorations etc. then on the 11th they are going to Joans and back    on the night of the 12th – we want to send Daddy off. He can go with Greet and family to Joans, stay there until Sunday when perhaps Jack could bring him home. That would be Whit Sunday and on the Monday we have our usual All Day Cricket Match and a Dance in the eve: you will get this about Whit Sunday so can picture me very busy and just enjoying it all. So much wet has given me Rheumatism especially in my thumbs so can’t write very well but hope you will manage to read it. It is much better than it was – some pills I am taking are doing a lot of good. I am thankful to say Kenneth has kept well all the winter – except a touch of Flu which we all had, but his old trouble seems to have quite gone. He takes Kruschens every morn and thinks they are wonderful and keep him fit.  Bubble is still teaching. She goes in for an exam next month – book-keeping which she wants to take up, but you know how very isolated we are up here – no means of getting to a town daily, except from Eastbury, that I am afraid it will be a long time before she can take a suitable post. However she has the school to fall back upon – where she gets on very well. She has got a very smart young lady like Bo in looks and Greet in dress ideas. Nancy Rathbun has been staying here. She too has grown a nice girl. She hopes to get into Selfridges and I think went up yesterday for an interview. Kenneth made violent love to her whilst she was here – took her out quite a lot. Bunt too was rather struck but Ken took her off!! Bunty has been chosen Captain of the Cricket team again and we have some good fixtures to look forward to. I thoroughly enjoy Saturday afternoons during the summer. I see in the Newbury News this week Frank Pounds wife (she was servant for the Dodds) has a son. Point to Point Races next Saturday – I shall go if a nice day – Dad and the boys have been invited to the Lunch. No news from Rob since the baby arrived. I hope they are alright. Elida is pleased it is a boy. Mr Huzzey is in Reading Hospital – pretty bad I think – internal trouble. Dad is going up to see him tomorrow. Ida Huzzey and Bubble go to Hungerford every week roller skating – Bubs getting quite an expert.
Now I must finish – it is 4 p.m. and nearly tea time. I think there is a Mail out tomorrow so hope this will catch it. Kiss Diane for “Nana” (that is what Dick calls me) Everyone joins me in lots of love and xs to all 3. Write soon. I love to have your letters.
All the bestest from
Your loving Mother.

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