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Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

Woodlands St. Mary

May 31st.

My dearest Phyll
How are you all? Billo has just sent me on a letter from Mrs Benitz. She (Mrs B) says how sad you were when she came away, of course you will miss her dreadfully but you have Tony and the babes to cheer you up and the time will pass very quickly. Perhaps it will be your turn next to come home. We have Rick staying with us for a week. Greeta and Cecil brought him on Sunday and will fetch him next Sunday – or they may come on Sat: and back next day. He is very happy and good and of course Bubble loves mothering him. She has taken him to Eastbury this afternoon to see Granny and then to tea at Bunts. I think I have told you Greeta is hoping “Janet” will arrive in November. Bubble went back with Joan and Jack after Easter. They brought her home last Saturday – then she went to Joyce Wilsons 21st birthday party, went from Eastbury with Toby Kimber, Sybil and Baba.
The G.P.O. have altered our address so if you remember use it next time you write as it makes a post difference in delivery. I expect you know I am going to keep house whilst Billo takes the children to Hayling for a fortnight. They are sharing a bungalow with Greeta and family. We have not heard from you lately – hope you are all well. Dad’s birthday today so perhaps there is a letter on the way. At last we have had a nice lot of rain - the crops already are wonderfully improved – but it is still cold – we need a fire every day on June here tomorrow.
Phyll dear – write at once and let me know what you all would like – we shall send a parcel by Mrs B. and would like to send something you want, so please say. I suppose I shall be going to Billo’s about a fortnights time – I think. They (the Roberts family) are going to Greets the day before and all go on to Hayling on the 18th. I hope the weather will be nice for them. Bunt and Dulcie were here on Sunday and Joyce Wilson and Dorothy Ashby turned up for tea – we all had our photos taken so hope to send you one if they come out well. Joan’s baby has grown and is so good. Josephine is very proud of her sister Pat. I went to Newbury last Thursday – saw Mrs Booth and Lil. They always ask for news of you. Lil talks of going up to Billo’s some time this summer. 
How are the babes? I should so love to see you all and Tony, how is he? I don’t think Daddy will be able to get away next month so Toby Kimber may come and stay with Bubble while I am away. Perhaps Dad will go up to Bo’s after harvest and then on to Joan. They are having a Fete at Eastbury next month on the vicarage lawn – hope to get money for electric light in the Church. Bob Patterson has left school – just passed his exam for the Air Force and has gone to Drayton. The other boys are all at the Grammar School. Dulcie and Bunt went to the Denham’s to tea with Bob last week before he went away – old Mrs Patterson lives with them but keeps mostly in her own room. I have not seen Mrs Manchester just lately. She is always very interested in all our family news. Next Sunday is Whitsun. I think Greeta and family are coming down – I will enclose a letter from her you may like to read.
Now I want to catch the post and cannot think of more to tell you. Be sure and let me know soon what to send you all. Give Diane and baby a real nice x and cuddle from Nana and our love to Tony. All the bestest my dearest Phyll for you – take care of yourself and write soon.
Ever your loving Mother.
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