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Letter ilma to Daughter Billo

Woodlands St Mary
Oct 4th 1939

My dearest Billo
Thanks for letter received yesterday & written 27th last (you’re as bad as me!) I’m sorry not to have written lately – especially not a card on Ken’s arrival – yes, last week was terrible – we all had gas masks on Monday – Jack thought he would have to fetch the family back & poor Greet wrote to say C. might be called up any time & could she & Rickie come here. It was very kind of you to want us to come to you my dear. I know you must have been very worried – the under ground place in factory would have been a good air raid shelter eh?
Let us hope that the worst is over – though really one hardly knows what to think – Chamberlain has done well – but is it wise of him to be so trustful if Hitler really wants peace – others may not & I think a good many of his own people do not trust him.
Chamberlain’s speech broadcast in three languages was splendid & gave the Germans some thing to think about eh? Well enough of that here we are alone again – we miss Joan very much & Phenie’s chatter. We had the 3 babes Sat night. Jack, Joan, Dulcie & Bunt went to Newbury – home about 11 D&B stayed the night – went after dinner on Sunday as they were expected to tea at Grannies. On Thurs Joan, Bubble & Phenie went to Newbury. Joan is not able to feed Pat regularly so she was left at home with the bottle. She is a huge child & so good. She will soon crawl I think.
We are still threshing – at least when the weather allows it. Today is fine but dreadfully rough yesterday & all last night the rain was awful. Have you heard from Uncle John? If not I will send his letter on. Jack took us to Fairford Sunday afternoon. Aunt O enquired for you all. She has got very thin again. Freda has been very ill. They all had ???? but it went to Free intestines & she was still in bed after 3 weeks. I must try & get a letter off to her. I owe Rob one too. Reni’s birthday on the 17th. Dad and I would like to come to you some time this month – may we? I don’t quite know when Rick is will come – not before the end perhaps so we could have our holiday first. I will find out about the bus – don’t expect it runs so often now. I believe only once a week. I went to Joan’s by Bus in January – I believe on a Thursday. Perhaps this little cardigan will do for Pop. I have not started socks yet – no time last week – but will soon do them. Does Peter walk - really walk yet? Aunt O says he is lovely. We had a letter from Joan this morn. They got back about 2 called at Whittlebury on their way – she has sent a receipt for green tomato chutney so I shall make some – must see if Mrs Ma(y?) will give me some apples – the fruit man does not come till Fri & I want to get it done by then. Ida Huzzey gave us some last week. I made a few pounds of blackberry & apple jam.
Give Pete & Pop my love & a nice kiss. I am so looking forward to seeing you all again. My Love to Arthur & Ken – the best to you my dear – hope you are quite well!
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