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Letter Ilma to Son Rob

Woodlands St Mary,

Newbury. Berks.

June 7th 43

My dearest Rob,
A nice long letter from you today - written May 3rd. I am so glad you have been to stay with Phyll. Yes, I am sure you needed and deserved a holiday and am pleased you enjoyed your stay in BA. I guess it was nice to see old faces again and to hear some home news. My dear I can't think why you have not had my letters - when we heard from you in November I have since addressed them to Mr Walker - putting "please forward" as I felt sure he would know where you were. I think from now on our letters will be safer and reach each other since the war is going well for us. I don't suppose you have heard the sad news of Bunt - he sailed about Xmas - for N. Africa we think - and has been missing at sea since Jan 6th. It was a dreadful blow to us all - we did not get the official news until Feb 1st and have heard nothing more - I wrote to the Red Cross at once and are hoping and praying they will find him - there is a chance he has been picked up - so many are missing for months and even more than a year and then turn up. Poor Dulcie and Kiddies - I feel so sorry for them. They were all so happy together. Dulcie has been very brave and is teaching in Eastbury school. She says it is better than thinking and worrying at home. I think it is very wise of her, don't you? Auntie Freda wrote to Bubble saying perhaps you would volunteer and in that case you may come to E. I wrote at once to her and asked her to get John to let you have some money - but suppose my letter had not reached her when you were in BA. Yes, my dear, Aunt Rose left two houses besides some money - but they had to be sold - and my share is about 1000 pounds. Very nice eh? I wish you were here to enjoy some of it. But you shall have some of it one day. Our crops ar Crookham are very good indeed - we hope to cut the clover this week. Ken is with Dad now. Arthur and Billo were very upset when he came away and were quite nasty about it - but Dad needed him when Bunt went and Ken wanted to come - it was only right eh? Ken's wife is ............ (rest of letter was missing)
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