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Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

Woodland St Mary

Aug 16th 45
My dearest Phyll
Very many Happy Returns of Sep 15th we shall think lots about you & hope you spend a happy day. The children will sure to be excited about Mummy’s birthday. Of course you have heard the good news – the terrible war over at last – yesterday & today are holidays but I don’t feel at all inclined to rejoice dear old Bunt has gone. Dulcie & his two little girls were here last Saturday. Mary, the elder had been staying with me for a fortnight. I miss her chatter & company. Am very much alone these days. Dad gone to Crookham – Ken’s from Mon till Thurs most weeks. They are busy with the harvest, which is good this year.
Now about Bubble’s wedding – I enclose a cutting from the paper – it was such a rush towards the end – Jim had been expected home a month before he actually arrived & then we only had two days notice & Bub’s leave was nearly over. Eastbury church was nearly full & about 60 relatives & friends were at the reception. Newbury people did the refreshments & luckily the petrol ration had just been increased so there were cars to run to & from (Wds?) Jim only had 10 days leave & is now back in Berlin & bub at the hospital. I do hope they will soon be able to get a home & be together. Bubble looked very sweet & will send you some wedding snaps when they are ready – Greeta could not get away but she & the boys have been down since. Cecil got his discharge so they went back to Ruislip to welcome him home. Now they have all gone to Billo’s & next month both families are going to Wales for a holiday by the sea. Joan was looking very well & so young in spite of 6 kiddies. Billo & Arthur motored down & brought her with them. How are all of you? & how do you like your new home? By the way, I have not your new address so must send this to Bo. Do write my dear & let us know all your family news. How is Tony? My love to him. We heard from Rob a few weks ago, am glad to say he seems more cheerful 7 I think has given up all thoughts of reunion with Elida. Freda wrote to Bub. She said how sorry she was not to be able to visit you as arranged. Perhaps by now she has been to you. Do you hear from Renie. What a grand affair Beryl’s wedding was. A pity Renie & Stan could not go. So Ismie is nursing on her own now. I expect she misses the hospital staff. They have very good times although plenty of work. Bub loves it especially theatre work, fancy she has been nearly 6 years in Newbury Hospital. One of the longest there. Ken has been under the Dentist for some time – fixed up alright now with 5 new teeth. Billo’s children seem quite grown up, except that they won’t go away without Billo. I think Poppy went to stay with Joan once, but cried nearly all the time. Dad & I hope to go up there after harvest.
I wonder if Ivor will return to England or go straight home from Italy. Do you often hear from Joan Lawrie? Dick Manchester will be 21 this month, he is such a big fellow but so babyish. Mrs Ereic Patterson was here to tea one day last week. Tony one of the twins, got leave for Bub’s wedding, he doesn’t like RAF life & would like to go back with Arthur & Billo, but they won’t release him. Bob & Michael are both overseas & are doing very well. Mrs Eric Span enquires for you. She has got so fat. Very much like old Mrs Pat. Now that’s all for now, I will write again soon. Bye bye my dear take care of yourself. Our best love & kisses to you & the children from Dad & your loving Mother
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