Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

Sunday, 7 November 2010 11:49 PM GMT

Contributed by: Jerry Green

3 Regent St.

Barry Dock
Sep 28th 47
My dearest Phyll
No letter from you for a long time. I do hope you all are well. Freda often mentions Diane in her letters – I am glad she is so happy at school & doing very well. So Joan Lawrie is engaged, have you met him & what does Uncle John think about it?
You see I am staying with Auntie Clara, came here from Joan’s nearly a month ago. It is lovely here. I spend nearly all my time by the sea. Aunt Olive was here for a week, it was nice for us all to be together, lots of laughs & chatter over old times. Clara is still very fat, like Aunt Rose, her legs are very bad & Aunt O is a dreadful wreck, so thin & her heart in a terrible state, both Aunts used to lie down every afternoon while I took a walk & came back blown out with sea breeze. I intended to go to Ashwater from here but Hugh wrote asking me to go to Fairford & stay with Olive while he was away in Ireland for a fortnight as she cannot be left alone. I feel I must go so my plans are somewhat upset. He goes away Oct 14th so shall be making a move sometime before then & go to Kens after.
Greeta & family came to Joan’s while I was there. They spent the day with us on their way to & from Billo’s. I thought lots about you on the 15th wondered what you were doing & if my birthday letter had reached you in time. I expect you have heard from Billo & know they have at last got a car, but now the petrol ration is off they will not be able to use it very much. I have not had a letter from you lately.
We have had a wonderful Summer. They had just finished harvest when I left Joan’s _ The Dairy Farm people turned up in time to have the last tea in the harvest field. A large party, 21 of us, then Phenie went back with them. Billo is thinner than she used to be, but it suits her & she is better for it, I think.  
Suppose you will soon have Summer with you, it is beginning to get quite chilly evenings & at the moment I am wearing the navy cardigan you sent me, so comfy & warm. Ken’s baby boy was a year old last month. I shall see a great difference in him when I go there after nearly 8 months away. Last year at this time Dad & I were so happy together. I miss him dreadfully & even more so when I get back to Ashwater. Ken writes regularly about the farm etc, he is getting on very well & I feel sure I have done the right thing by carrying on. Had I wanted my money out of the farm, it would have had to be sold & Ken would have been without a home or living. Jobs are not easy to get & it is much better to work for oneself where one can take interest in the work & share the profits. What do you think? Am afraid Billo does not agree & thinks I should have my money but I get a small pension & interest from the farm & of course I have confidence in Ken & I could not see him turned out. I am thinking of applying for a small house at Froxfield, if I get it I shall be amongst old friends – quite near Eastbury & the Woodlands & within easy reach of all the families in England – could get direct to London & from there to Billo & Joan. Bubble is expecting her baby in November. I am going to her when she returns from the Nursing Home. I have the Newbury news every week, so keep in touch with dear old Berkshire.
Dulcie & the two little girls have been to Bournemouth for a few weeks, they are very nice children & dear old Bunt would have been so proud of them. Do you often hear from Rob? His last letter to me was written in July & he had then been to see the Walkers. Auntie Clara says Charles met him some time ago. Charles returned to the Argentine about a year ago with his wife & baby.
Do write to me my dear when you have time. I love your letters & to hear all about you & your family. Do you still go to Mrs Benitz’s & how is she? I expect the boys enjoy their holiday with her. When she wrote to me she said how she loved having you all. It is getting dark (7.15pm) so will end & post in the morning.
Bye bye my dear, God bless you all, my fondest love & a nice kiss from your loving Mother

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