Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

Monday, 8 November 2010 01:57 AM GMT

Contributed by: Jerry Green

23 The College

Sat Aug 28th 48

My dearest Phyll.

Very many happy returns of the 15th. I do wish I could give you a nice birthday kiss & hug – ask Tony to give you an extra special one for me. Thank you for your letter – a nice long newsy one – I love to hear about you all – I sent Dad’s chain to Billo & hope Tony’s Mother will take it out to you I saw Bo & family a fortnight ago – they came to Joan’s for the christening of Tony & Jeffrey – such a big party – 22 of us for tea & supper. Tony just screamed the whole time in Church & for an hour or two after. I think he was thoroughly scared at so many people – poor little chap – he is very sweet. Poppy has grown very much & I think she is like you – she goes to boarding school next term – the same school that Joan’s three girls go daily. I had a very nice week at Church Farm & when I left they were busy with the harvest. Jack has some good crops – Arthur too I believe – I hope the weather will be kind. I promised Bo to go there next week but since I came home I have had letters from Auntie Clara saying Olive is down there in Hospital and C wants me to go to Barry – so I am off on Thursday by bus from Hungerford to Cardiff – so much easier & cheaper than the train journey. I hope to go to Billo’s later on – I get very tired of my own company after a time & am glad to get away & be with my girls & their family – then when I come back I feel so lonely & cannot settle down – but I am very thankful to have a little home of my own & should love you to see it. Bubble, Jim & baby Susan were here a few weeks ago – they came down by car – so we were able to pay a round of calls on old friends.
Had a day in the Woodlands with the Huzzeys & Manchesters – went to see Mrs Eric Patterson at Eastbury – Bob, his wife & baby were staying with her. One day we went to Hendred to see the Kimbers. Toby has a baby girl & is living at home – her husband goes there weekends. Like many others they are unable to get a house. Then we had a day in Newbury & Bubble went to the Hospital – many of the nurses she knew had gone. We went to see Mrs Booth – Lil was in Switzerland on holiday – Mrs B does not alter much – except for being grey she looks young as she did when living in Eastbury & quite as energetic.
I want to go down to Ken’s before the Winter – he is very anxious for me to have a look round & see how he is getting on – he has worked very hard & I do hope we have a good harvest.
Well here it’s Sep 1st – sorry I have not finished this – will do so this afternoon & post in Hungerford tomorrow on my way to Barry. I think it should reach you just around the 15th. Yesterday Mary & Diane came over for the day. We had an early lunch then went to the woods for blackberries – we wandered about for nearly four hours – picked 6lbs my word! I did want a cup of tea & a rest when we got back – they went home on the evening bus & I went to a Whist Drive – won second prize – cigs & matches. I had to play gentleman & was glad the prize was not suspenders or shaving soup!! Dulcie & the girls are off to the I of Wight next week – for a fortnight.
These snaps were taken at Joan’s last year, a month or so before Bubble’s baby was born – I think perhaps you will like to see them.
A long letter from Rob last week - I am so glad he is doing well – perhaps you know the ranch has been sold – but he thinks he is staying in with the new owner. Greeta & family are staying with Billo. I hope the change will do G good with – she gets very depressed since her operation. I wish it was possible for her to get right away for a real rest – her three boys are a handful & Cecil has not much control over them. I hope you all are well – take care of yourself my dear & write when you have time but I know how fully occupied you are so I always think no news is good news – much love to you all. An extra share for you & a very Happy Birthday. I shall think lots about you & wonder what you are doing.
My kind regards to Mrs Benitz when you next see her. Must do my packing. I leave at 10am tomorrow and hope to be with Auntie Clara about 6 pm. I expect Freda has heard about Aunt O’s illness – if not – I will write from Barry.
Bye bye my dear. God bless you. Mother

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