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Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

23 The College

March 24th 49

My dearest Phyll

 It is ages since I heard from you & Billo says no letter from you since Xmas. I do hope you all are well. You know it was two years ago Feb 16th that Dad died. I up went to Greeta’s for that week & one day met Bubble & spent the day in town together. Greet was looking much better & not so nervy & I thought she was fatter. The children have grown – all 3 boys go to school – David only mornings & Linda is very sweet & so tiny. Bubble’s Susan can run about & I’m afraid she is rather spoilt. I am going to Joan’s for Easter – Bubble & family will be there too so we shall be a small crowd. Billo & the children are going to N Wales for Easter week & I hope to go there on their return. I have not seen them since Tony was christened in July. We are having lovely Spring weather – such a treat after bitterly cold winds, rain & snow. I wonder if you receive my letters – usually air mail – Rob used not to get them & for some months now I have been sending them to Freda’s address & she sends them on – he was in BA for Xmas & saw Rene & Ismee. I expect you know Stanley has sold up & they hope to come to England in May or June. I don’t think they will like the life here with so many restrictions etc but it will be nice to see them. Have I told you Ken came up to see me some weeks ago? It was a lovely surprise, he then went on to see Tony Patterson – one of the twins – who was very ill in Newbury Hospital. He had a sudden blackout & was in danger of losing his sight altogether, but has since moved to Oxford & is waiting for an operation. Bob & Michael Patterson are both married. How is Diane getting on at school? & are the boys well? I should dearly love to see you all – is Tony still busy & times good? Do write & tell me all about yourself & family. I have not had a letter since long before Xmas & I long for news. How is Mrs Benitz & do you still visit her? I hear Charles Morris has a daughter & Renie had the boy, Paul, while his (C’s) wife was in the n home. I think Dulcie & the girls are going to Ken’s for Easter. I had tea with them yesterday – Diane – the younger – is very much like Bunty. Mary is like her Mother. Now I think I’ll be off to post & a walk before the sun goes in. I want a book from the Library too – the evenings are long & I have not much mending to do as years ago.

Bye bye my dear. Much love to you all. God bless you. Your loving Mother

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