Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

Monday, 8 November 2010 04:37 PM GMT

Contributed by: Jerry Green

23 The College

Aug 2nd 49

My dearest Phyll

It was nice to hear from you. Thanks for long newsy letter which I sent on to Billo. So glad you all are well. It was a pity you & Freda could not change flats for a time. Am sure you need a rest from lessons which seem to take up all your spare time. I heard from Freda a week or two ago. I guess they are very busy now as Ismee’s wedding is on the 6th. I hope she will be very happy – rather a big undertaking all at once eh? We have just struggled through a heat wave – am thankful it is cooler & we have had rain – the hot weather makes one too limp for any thing. Bubble, Jim & Susan have been down to Kenneth’s for a fortnight & I am going early in Sep. I think I have told you Yvonne & Billy are going to Paignton with Dulcie & the girls, so I’m going to keep house for Ken & Lionel. I should like to meet Renie & Stan when they arrive unless Stan’s people will be there – am waiting to hear their plans & date of arrival. Aunt O will be at Weston S mare & Clara cannot get about – her legs are very bad. I should be sorry for them not to have a welcome when they land. It is very kind of you, my dear, to send us presents. I shall treasure my bag & am wondering what I can send you. Will you write & let me know, please say, what would be welcome because I may as well know rather than guess & it may be something you don’t want! You know I have Dad’s chain for you & would like you to have some silver. Do you remember what I have? I thought perhaps the silver spirit kettle but say if you think of something else. I don’t know how long Renie is staying over here – a pity they are coming for the winter. I have not heard from any of the family just lately but I think every one is well. Harvest will be early this year – already some corn is cut round here. The weather was ideal for the hay making. Aunt Lil is staying at East Garston with Jack & Mary. Cis was here last week-end. I am glad you go to Mrs Benitz sometimes – she must be getting old isn’t she? Give her my kind regards. How is Diana getting on at school? Poppy seems to have settled down pretty well – she goes to Joan’s every Saturday.Phenie (Joan’s eldest) is rather clever but such a tom-boy – rides horse back very well & is a leading Girl Guide. I hope there will be no more babies there.
I made some salad dressing this morn from your recipe – do you remember sending it? It is very good & keeps for some long time.
This is a snap Mary took of me the other day do you think I have altered very much? I have been told I look younger than 63 – yes. I still knit, but only in spasms just now am doing some vests for Joan’s youngest. Greeta knits a lot & does beautiful needlework. Her latest craze is smocking & she had done some lovely little frocks for Linda & Billo’s Tony when I was there last.
This must be all for to-day or I shan’t get the post – my next letter will be for your birthday & probably from Ashwater.
Much love to you - Phyll dear – kisses for D & the boys & cheers for Tony. (I do hope he is quite well again) Take care of yourself.
Bye bye
Your loving Mother
PS I stayed a week with Bubble in June & we went to Greeta’s for the day. I think Rickie is at Billo’s now.

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