Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

Monday, 8 November 2010 04:45 PM GMT

Contributed by: Jerry Green

Church Farm

April 7th 51
My dearest Phyll. So pleased to here from Aunt O you all had a nice holiday with Ivor & how well you all were looking. I expect by now you have quite settled down & it is nice to be back with Tony. You see I am at Joan’s am going home on Tues after 3 weeks here. Jack has been in Hospital with a poisoned foot – had two ops & skin from his leg grafted on the foot – a pretty bad time – he has been home nearly a fortnight & has a bed down stairs. Doctor said today he may walk a little each day – until now he has not been allowed to stand on the foot – but I hope he will soon be able to get around – if only in the house. It has been a very worrying time for Joan & a lot of extra work for her especially as the children are home for the Easter holiday. Pat the second girl is staying with Greeta. I wonder if you have had a letter from the Solicitor about paying out to you the money from Dad – not much – I’m afraid but we think it will be better for Ken if he gets a mortgage on the farm & so raise the money & get straight with you all. He cannot do so without everyone’s consent. So please write to Launceston at once agreeing – the others have done so & we are now waiting to hear from you & Rob. I don’t know how we can get the money – about £70 – out to you but daresay some thing can be arranged – perhaps through Aunt O. Phyll my dear I am dreadfully sorry I cannot come out to you – to tell you the truth I am really scared of the voyage. Aunt O is very keen about it but she forgets I am 10 years older than her & at times I am none to well & have to spend a day or so in bed. I wish you could come to me – how lovely it would be to be together again. I do hope you will understand & not think me unkind. The weather is just awful – nothing but rain & snow for weeks. I was pleased to hear from Rob that he has had rain after such a long spell of dry weather. Billo & family were here last week – they came to fetch Pop from school. Bubble expects her baby early in May. Ken’s wife is going there to keep house whilst Bub is laid up – of course they hope it will be a boy – I hear Diane is a very big girl. Pop is tall but rather on the thin side – Joan’s Janet reminds me very much of you – both in looks & ways. I want to get this off to day – in case you are wondering about the solicitor’s letter & to ask you to write & agree – it will be best for concerned & Ken will know just how he stands – he has had 3 years hard work to pull things together. Very much love to D, the boys & an extra share for you my dear. All the best to Tony. Bye bye take care of yourself & write soon. Kisses from Mother

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