Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

Monday, 8 November 2010 04:52 PM GMT

Contributed by: Jerry Green

22 Froxfield College

March 13th 63
My dearest Phyll
I am very pleased you have been to see Rob. He was disappointed not seeing the boys. I am afraid your holiday was upset – especially if you were with Aunt Olga at the time of her death. I was very sorry to hear about it. You probably know what a dreadful winter we have had – did Diane come to England for Xmas? She wrote to me early in Dec: asking if I would be at Greeta’s & hoped we could meet – but no address so I could not write her – where is she now? Mrs Basham has been away nearly 3 months & has now decided to move to Scotland & live with her daughter. She is coming to the college on Sat: to pack personal things & say Goodbye. I am dreadfully sorry she has been a nice neighbour & friend for nearly four years. I have the TV on there will soon be racing at Cheltenham – we have had very little sport of any kind owing to the weather since Boxing Day. I saw a letter from Renie saying Freda is not well – I must write to her – Kenneth’s birthday last week – Billy has left school – the grand children grow up so quickly & I have now 6 great grand children – the latest arrivals are a son for Greet’s Michael & a daughter for Mary in Australia (Bunt’s elder girl) I think Billo, Joan, Bubble & Pat are meeting in London this week to visit the Ideal Home Exib. If Billo & Arthur go to N Wales for a holiday with the Young family at Whitsun I am going to do for Peter – Arthur has been very sadly for a long time – the man has lrfy & I am afraid A has been doing too much – am sure he needs a holiday. Mrs Rasey has been away ill for some weeks – we all miss her very much – Joan had a phone call from Australia. Janet sounded so happy & several of them were able to say a few hurried words to her. Jim has been staying in Devon with Rosemary’s people. Peter’s girl friend often stays at the Dairy Farm for week-ends. Billo, Arthur, Pam & Ron went to Joan’s for tea last Sunday. I believe David Golding is home again but have not heard from Greet since they were here in Dec: I them promised to go to Ruislip if G went up to Michael’s to be with Ann while M was away. He was going to take some students from Hull University on a Geology course but of course the weather was too bad & now the baby has arrived I do not think G will go. Well the Racing is over – it was a pouring wet day there but a big crowd. I will now see about some tea. Lots of love to you my dear & Tony & the boys from Mother

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