Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

Monday, 8 November 2010 05:10 PM GMT

Contributed by: Jerry Green

Sep 6th 63

My dearest Phyll. Many Happy Returns of the 15th. I shall think lots about you & hope you spend a nice day with all the family. Diana with you at last. We were very pleased to see her at Billo’s. I was there for about a month. Then they took me to Joan’s. From there I intended to go to Bubble’s but she was in Hosp: she caught some germ which affected her throat. Then she lost the use of her hands & legs – she was there a month. The 3 children went to Billo’s & Jim managed at home alone. Billo & A had arranged to go to N Wales for a week so I went back there. By then Bub was home & Jim brought her to Billo’s – she & I had a nice week with the 3 children. Peter & Tony – Bub goes to Hosp: on the 9th for a check up & I hope the Dr’s report will be good. I am going there on the 15th. Jim will meet me at the coach station – Victoria. It has been a dreadful Summer- so much rain & cold winds – corn harvest will be very late & much damaged. Jack Green had one field cut when we called there on our way here last Mon: Joan came with us & we had lunch in the car on the Wantage Downs. Jim G is to be married next Easter. He has bought two cottages in the village & they are being made into quite a a nice modern house. Jerro has passed his final exam & has been accepted to train as a RAF officer. Peter Roberts is seriously courting & is thinking of having a house or bungalow built. I do not like the young lady so much as Jim G’s future wife. Great excitement when Pam told us a baby is on the way. We have a new Vicar – married - & very nice – two young children. Our little church is lovely now. Heated & lighted by electricity. It is strange to be back & alone after nearly 3 months away. I could not seem to settle down for some days. I shall miss Mrs Basham. She often writes. I think it is a pity to give up ones home and live with married daughters – very nice to visit but not to live always. I may go to Greet’s from Bub’s. I have not seen her since last Xmas. Am afraid she is still worried about David who is in & out of a job – such a shame when so much has been spent on him. I spent a day with Joan’s two married daughters. Pat expects a baby next month. I owe Rob a letter. How is Freda my love to her. Ken & family very well also Dulcie & the girls. I have 3 great grand children now in Australia. Dulcie may come over in Jan: she has an Aunt living in the college now. I have a new hearing aid – very small & no batteries attached. I do not think it is so good as my old one but I hear as much as I want!! Lots & lots of best love to you my dear. Ask Tony, Diane, Eric & John to give you a special birthday Kiss for me & a nice cuddle. Mother -

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