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Letter Ilma to Daughter Phyllis

22 Froxfield College

May 6th 64
My dearest Phyll. Thank you for nice newsy letter, it will be passed round as requested. Please remember my number is 22 – the person in 23 was away & I did not get it for some days. I am glad you have had a holiday, but Freda says you are very thin & always so busy. I do wish times were better for you my dear. Now for some family news. Jim Green’s wedding was put off until the 16th inst. His house was not finished by Easter. They are all going to Devon for the wedding & Peter R is going to do the milking etc for them. I don’t think any of us are going – it is such a long journey. Joan offered to take me with them but really I did not particularly want such a long day & I am looking forward to seeing them in their new home in the summer. It will be nice to see Ismi & Hugh. Billo hopes they will go there & I shall go at the same time – be sure & let me know what you would like me to send you. Yes, Pam has a son, a wonderful baby & Billo is so proud of him, she goes in to Leicester to have him whilst P & Ron go into town for shopping. Bubble & family went to Joan’s for Easter week as usual there was a small crowd at Church Farm – the grand children & parents. Jerro home from college. Billo, Arthur & Tony. Jerro has managed to get 3 days off for the wedding & will be best man. Greeta & Cecil came here for the day at Easter – a nice surprise for me. G was looking very well. Rick still at Cardiff – David quite settled & doing well & Lynn goes to College in Reading in Sep: I had my hair permed in H on Monday as I thought I might go to Bub’s next week but have just written to say Auntie Clara will be staying in Fairford & Hugh will bring her here for the day on the 14th. My round of visits will be rather late starting this year, perhaps the weather will improve next month. It is very windy & stormy & one needs a fire still. Dulcie arrives July 1st for a long stay in England. I may go to Southampton to meet her – she has given up teaching & will let her house which she is in. Ken & family very well. Billy is in the office & K is manager of a larger part of the Poultry Farm. I think I have told you Mrs Basham is living in Scotland & Mrs Kirkby my other friend is very ill in hosp. Yes, I have a woman to help me but not the good soul like Mrs Ragey. I think Arthur is keeping much better now Tony is home for good. I suppose Peter will soon want to get married. Billo said he is hoping to have a house built on their land, near the road – you know, where the bus stops. I wonder if Diana has decided to return to Geneva, you will miss her very much. I am glad the boys are getting on well. You do not say how Tony is. I hope quite well. Freda said she would like to have a P G or perhaps some private nursing – she is so anxious to enjoy her home & look up old friends – I had a long letter from Rob last week he had sold some cattle for a very good price & had had a good harvest. The gardens here are very gay with spring flowers – daffodils, primroses, tulips & blue bells. Next month the roses will be nice. I am pleased you have something of Rene’s. Lots of love to you my dear & my love to Tony, Diana & the boys. Let me know what you would like when Ismie returns. I must send something.
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