Rental of Farm - William Dunkley Little Brington 1743 - 1805

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 In 1743 an Act of Parliament was passed to enable the Inclosure of the open fields in Brington. William Dunkley rented a farm on a three year term from John Spencer. William had been renting one and three quarter yard lands in the Open fields of Brington, his rent in 1733/4, 1742/3 and 1743/4 was £14 a year.  I am going to try and trace this tenancy forwards to see if his son William takes over the tenancy and backwards to see if his father John had the equivelant land before inclosure.

 Articles of agreement made this nineteenth day of October in the year of Our Lord 1743 between George Hall for and on the part and behalf of the Honourable John Spencer and William Dunkley of Little Brington in the County of Northampton yeoman as followeth First the said George Hall for and on the part and behalf of the said John Spencer doth hereby agree to lett and to farm lett unto the said William Dunkley all that Farm House wherein the said William Dunkley now dwelleth together with asll Outhouses Barns Stables and appurtenances thereunto belonging And also all those One Hundred and nineteen acres two roods and thirty five perches of arrable meadow and pasture land (the said Farm House Out Houses Barns and Stables being included) lying and being in the Fields of Great Brington and Little Brington aforesaid being bounded on the South by Flower Common Fields and on the West by the allotment of Robert Andrews Esquire and on the North by the Road leading from Daventry and some new Allotments laid out to some of the Freeholders of Great and Little Brington aforesaid and on the East by the Allotment of John Elliott as the same is now marked out by John Shipton Survey or to have and to hold the said Farm House Out Houses Lands and Premises for and during the full term of three years from Lady Day next ensuing the date hereof All? and Under the yearly Rent or Sum of Eighty Six Pounds payable half yearly the first payment  thereof to be made at Michaelmas next Ensuing the date hereof And the said George Hall Doth further agree to allow and Grant Timber for Repairing the Farm House belonging to the said Premises and also to the making two Hedges a cross the said Premises in such places as are marked out by the said Shipton And the said William Dunkley Doth hereby agree to accept and take the said hereinbefore mentioned to be Letten Premises for the Term aforesaid And also to pay unto the said John Spencer the said Yearly Rent or Sum of Eighty Six Pounds in manner before reserved free and clear of all manner of Deductions or Payments whatsoever for any Parish or other Taxes laid or Imposed or which shall hereafter be laid or Imposed upon the said Premises or any part thereof (the Land tax only Excepted) and also to pay unto the said John Spencer the yearly Rent or Sum of Three Pounds for every acre of new land as he shall Plough Ear Break up or Convert into Tillage without licence of the said John Spencer in Writing first had and obtained for that purpose and so proportionally for a Greater or Lesser Quantity And the said William Dunkley Doth further agree well and truly at his own proper Costs and Charges during the said Term hereby Granted to keep the said Dwelling House Out Houses and Buildings and Appurtenances in good and Sufficient Repair (Timber only Excepted) and also preserve keep and nourish all Quicks and Trees and not Cut Lopp or Topp any or either of them without Leave from the said John SpencerAnd further that he shall not Sowe in one Year with Corn Grain any more than two thirds of the arrable Lands already in Tillage And shall also Spend and Spread upon these Premises all the Hay Straw Dung Stover? and Compost which shall arise or grow on these premises during the said Term And also that it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said John Spencer or his Servant or Servants Workmen or others with Teams Carts and Carriages at Seasonable times in the year to Enter upon the said Letten Premises or any part thereof to Hedge vDitch Fence Lopp Topp Cut down Plant Trees or carry away as their lawful Occasions shall require And the said Parties to these Presents Do hereby mutually Agree with Each other well and truly to do as well according to the directions and appointments of the Act of Parliament made for the Inclosing the Common Fields of Great Brington and Little Brington as other In Witness whereof the said Parties to these Presents have hereunto Sett their Hands the day and year first above Written

Witness                                                                                             Geo Hall
Jno Shipton                                                                                    The mark X of
John Martin                                                                                         William Dunkley
32 The House Homestead and Home Close           1A 0R 36P }    
22 Wittington Close                                             1A 2R 28P }121A  1R 23P  Rent a Year £87 0s 0d   From Lady day 1744 for 3 years
New Allotment at Under Street including Roads  118A 1R 39P }

View Land Rented by William Dunkley after Inclosure in 1743 in a larger map

Land Rented by William Dunkley in 1777

  Acres Roods Perches
Buildings & Close 1 1 14
Whittington's Close 1 2 7
 Under Streets 27 0 13
Pine Hill Leys 25 3 0
West Side of Waydale Hill 35 2 13
Part of Waydale Hill 1 2 31
 Little Waydale  18  2  5
 Waydale Meadow  9  1  15
 Total  120  3


 This appears to be mostly the same land as in the 1743 rental agreement and as the William who made that agreement died in 1767 the William in 1777 must be his son.

1804 Notice to Quit
On the behalf of The Right Honorable George John Earl Spencer I hereby give you notice and require that you do at the end of the current year of your tenancy quit and deliver up possession of the Farm Lands Tenements Hereditaments and all other the premises with their appurtanences situate in the Parish of Brington in the County of Northampton or elsewhere held and occupied by you of and under the said Earl. Dated the fifth Day of October 1804 signed Thos Harrison
To Mr Wm Dunkley
Delivered the 6th Oct 1804
Wm Wykes








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