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Letter Frances Green to Abraham Walter her Brother 3 Aug 1858

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham was in Indiana.

Kingsthorpe August 3 1858

My Dear Brother
I received yours, dated the 4 of June on the
21 it does not seem possible that they should be so
many miles between us their is so great change in almost
every thing. their is a new line of Rail nearly finished
from Northampton to Harborough so I suppose that we
shall go down in little more than 1/2 hour what we
shall come to I cannot tell it apears that what ever
the heart of man conceives he find means to
accomplish. I cannot hear or think of anyone that would
be likely to come to you for if he was not a steady
indentures man it would not be of any use is coming
I should have been very thankful to have you end
your days in your Native land if it was the will
of God but we are Poor short sighted creatures we
no not what is good for us I Pray that we may
all be humbly [  ] to his Blessed will for

I am sure he knows what is best for us for we know
not what is good for us. I am sure I can answer for
myself if I had been left to my own will I should
have been very miserable and I hope to be always thankfull
that I was not, and Pray daily that I may never
be left to my own understanding but that all my
ways may be ordered by God. since I haved written so far
one of Wm Daughters as been to see me and I told her
that I had heard from you and what you said about
having one to help you and she said that her husband
would very much like to come for he always wished
very much to go to America but I know very little
of him he is the brother of a Working man but
I fear he is rather to much given to drink their
is five children only one boy I quite beleive her
to be a very [] Industrial Woman manages her
Family very well indeed makes the best of every thing
she is about 40 years of Age and he is about the same
but their are very Poor if you should think
he would suite I do not know how they would

get their but if I could be sure it would be for
your Comfort and their good I shall be willing
to do my Part towards it and they have friends
that would help them if they chose?. if you think any
thing about it you must write and send every [  ]
of the way that they must come and what would
be most suitable to bring with them or wether it
would be best for him to come before his Family.
I think myself if they came at all it would be best
all to go together but that you will be the best
judge the eldest girl is 17 [] and the youngest child
about 4. we have a very forward Harvest the Weather
most Beautiful their is a great deal of Corn carried
in this Field if it continue fine all the Week their
will be but very little out by Saturday Night. were
my son live their are but just beging but it
is so very early  I do not rember it before I am
very thankful to say that He has got a Comfortable
Home with Industry I trust he will get a
living he as got a very Induste Wife and they live

very Comfortable together which is a very great
Comfort to me. my Daughter remains a Widow
and carreys on the Busniss she was left in very
much respected in it. which I am very thankful for.
I have not heard any thing of
your Wifes relations, since I wrote last
give my kindest love to her and
the Children
I remain truly your
affectionate Sister F Green

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