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Letter Frances Green to the Son of her brother, Abraham Walter 4 May 1848

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. This letter was written in 1848 after the Corn Laws were repealed in Great Britain and Ireland. Her brother Abraham and his family were in Indiana.

Kingsthorpe May 4 1848

Dear Nephew
We received yours this day and in behalf of my son I write
to say that he cannot advance you any money
nor do I know of any of your Friends that can
for I do asure you that money is very scarce with
most people hear it takes a great deal of money
to carry on Busniss that few have any to spare
I am very sorry to hear that your Father is still
lame he mentioned his misfortune in is letter
that I receivd from him I was in hopes that he
had recoverd by this time but I trust he will be
spared a little longer and your Mother also till
the children are grown up I expect before I receivd
yours you will receive one from me as I answed
his Imediatly I am happy to say that my Health is
as good as I can expect as I grow older I do find
my strength fails me but that I must expect my
Children are all in good Health which with a good
Conciance is the greatest Blessing we can

I never hear any thing of yours Mothers Relations for
I have no Opertunity of going out we have not lost any
Freind since I wrote last tho they as being many
very sudden Deaths around us we have all been spared
and I trust it will be a warning to all that are spared
we have had a very wet Spring which made it bad
to get in the seed but now the Weather is set
in very hot but I supose not like what you have
it I hope it will Please God to give us a fruitful
season for the Country is in a very agated state the
trade is very oppresd there is so many out
of Work it is distressing to hear the accounts.
their is a great many come over to your Country
from our Neighbourhood and I find from all Parts so
I should supose that [] you will have a very
great Replication I wish your Cousins from Desborough
could get to you but they carned get the means
their is two of them in Service now and I hope they
will keep their for their is nothing to be done at
home Desborough is become a very Poor Place.

I was pleased to hear that Lamb? was a live as it was
report that he was lost in going over I hope the man
may get a living. Markets are depressd this to
what this time last year. Weat sold for as much as £4 10s the
If that is a Bushel and now it is not worth more
than £2 6s or £2 8s I have not known it the Price it
was last year for many year it was given out
their was a scarcity but befor the Harvest began
it got down very much and thank God their
was plenty found Barly is worth 4s Bushel you
do not get such Prices but you have but little
to Pay so I do supose that you have more to
call your own then we have still I should not
like to leave my own Country but when a
young man does not know how to get a livin
hear I do not blame him to come and try.
give my kind love to your Father
and Mother and I sincerly hope
that will recover and be spared
for some years, and the same to
all of you and I remain your
affectionate Aunt Frances Green

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