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Letter Frances Green to her brother, Abraham Walter 28 Dec 1847

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham and his family were in Indiana.

Dec 28 1847

My Dear Brother
I received your letter this day and
am sorry you should think me long
before I wrote to you I was not aware
it ad been so long but time flies
faster then we are aware of and we
are too apt to forget that time is
short compared with Eternity
and that it will be enough for
us all to be ready I have many
trial but I trust that I shall be
suported under them and that it
will please God in is good time
to remove them and that he
will give me Grace to Profit by
them for when I think what many
other have to bear with I have
meat cause for thankfulness

my Daughter as had a great trial
in the loss of her Husband but she
as been Wonderfully suported
and as many kind Friends she
goes on with her Business at the
Present and she says that she is
much more Comfortable than she
should be with out it and I wish
her to do as she likes for I am
happy to say that she acts very
Privately? and looks up to him that
as Promised to be the Husband of
the Widow thay was married
only 3 year and half my Sones
are not married at Present
but if we could meet with a
Farm for Wm I should be glad
as I think he would then Settle
but it is difficult to meet with
one to do any good

I am glad to hear that your
Children are going on well it is
the greast Blessing a Parent can
injoy to see their Children do
well Aunt Bradshaw died the
same day that my Daughters Hus-
-band did the first of Feby last
but she had lived beyond the age
of man many years she was 80
4 year old which is more than
we can expect and Mrs Cox died
in Sept that was Fanny Cook
she as left two Children but
thay have got a good Father Aunt
Cooke is as well as can be expect
for her years and as far as I know
all our other relations are well
I have not heard a word of Charlots
relations so can say nothing about

we go on much as usual in the
Farming but this year the leys
are very highthe trade is so bad
of all description at Leicester it
is dreadfull I read in the Papers
that one forth of the town are
Pauper and it is not been so bad
at Northampton this many year
but we hope it will improve as
the Spring advances I hope the
next Sesen will be favourable
to Peachs for it must make a
great diffrence to you in such
a quanty I cannot think what
use they can be put to it would
not be any treat to me to come
for I done not eat any fruit
tho thank God my Health is much
better than it was but I am Obliged
to be careful how I live?

I was Pleased to hear that you
saw Lamb as it was reported
hear that he was drowned in
going over I hope he will be
able to get a living for I believe
he have? hear but he could not
get and I hope you will have a mild
Winter it as been [] mild hear up to
this Week and now we have a very
little Snow on the Ground but it
thaws this morning it is a very good?
thing it is for we are very short
of keep the turnips are very bad
we are Obliged to get keep for our
Sheep which will be a very great
Draw back we had a very abunte
Harvest all over the Country and
most delightful Weather to get it

or we should have been in a very
bad state but the Almighty is
very good to us much more than
we deserve we have had two Sheep
stole and cannot make any thing
out of them their as been several
stole about us for their is a very
bad set at Northampton and
the shoe trade been bad for they
make no Province let them get
what they may I hope that it
will Please the Almighty to restore
you again and spare you a few
years longer to see your Family
Settled and then take you to his
heavenly kingdom through the
merits of your Redeemer I was
very sorry to hear of your accident?

for you must have been a great
sufferer but I have great cause
for thankfulness that you was
enabled to trust God with your
case. give my kind love to
your Wife and Children and
the same yourself and I trust
that through the merits of our
Saviour we shall all meet in that
kingdom where nithe care or
trouble enter it. it is the sincere
Wish of you affectionate
Sister Frances Green

December 28/ 1847 

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