Of the Green Family from Harpole, Northamptonshire their Ancestors and Relatives

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Letter Frances Green to her brother, Abraham Walter 28 Nov 1836

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham Walter and his family were in Ellisburgh, Jefferson County, New York.The original which starts at page 65 of this book was very difficult to read and my transcription probably has many errors. please let me know if you can make any corrections.

Kingsthorpe Nov 25 1836
Dear Brother
it is with feelings of Gratitude that I received your account []
and if it should Please God to remove you from the Place
that you now Posses may it be for your good and
I hope that we shall be seeing [] to his will but if it should
Please him to order as you may remain where you are
I should be very thankfull but we do not know what is best
for us. I am happy to say that both my own Health and
my Husbands is better than it were and the Children are
very Good. but their are like yours so Grown that it makes
me look the old Woman Oh may they but grow in Grace
is my Daily Prayer, and if it should be ordained that we
never meet more in this life what a Pleasure will it be
to meet every one at the throne of Grace which I Pray
may be our happy lot through the merits of our Saviour.
I must tell you that I think Kingsthorpe is likely to
become a very Poplious Place for they have begun to try for
Coal their is a Company formed and they go in with
Great Spirit and seem Confident of Success they have
got the first shaft 100 and 50 yd deep and have two
more a very considerable depth with engine house and
another two, and it is on the Hill as you go to Boughton
Green if they do find Coal it will be a great thing for us
no doubt tho it will be met with evil. I have not heard
any thing of Charlott relations since I wrote before.
we have had a very cold Summer and we are told that a great
deal of the corn in Scotland? is not ripe and they cut
for fodder and in some Parts of South? England which as
made a considerable rise in the Price of grain and []
is very dear. it is very Cold now and if the Winter is
Severe it will be very serious? for Poor Cattle and
also Poor People. sum relations at Harbro are all
well as we can expect tho the Aunt Muttons eyes
get worse and her health is not quite what it was
and Aunt Mawby is better then any body could
expect at then her time of life for she is nearly 80
it is Wonderful to contemplate the Works of
[] to spare such a Poor [] Creature so
long when we see thousands fall in the bloom
of Health but his ways are not our ways Aunt
Lock and the Children are much as well the Girls
do not enjoy good Health Tho is in London still
doing very well Jane Walter and her Family
are very poorly off but I hope rather better
than they were Ann is Married but I fear but
Poorly the eldest Boy is out and one of the Girls is
in time I hope they will be more Comfortable
Mr G and all the Children join in love to you and their
Aunt and Cousins from your affectionate Sister
Frances Green

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