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Letter Frances Green to Abraham Walter her Brother 7 Jun 1841

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham was in Brockville, Steuben County, Indiana.

June 7 1841

Dear Brother
I received yours on the 9 of April and it gave
me great Pleasure to hear that you and your Family
was well and comfortable as your Situation would
Permit and I feel so thankful that you are enabled
by Grace to put your whole trust in God who is able
and willing to keep all that do come unto him. I more
Piticular? feel the truth of the Promise at this time
for it as Pleas'd the Almighty to take to himself
my Dear and kind Husband he departed on the
4 of May but I trust that God will be a Husband
to me and a Father to my Children. I have great
cause for thankfulness in my Children they are all
I could wish and I hope that they will continue to be
so and that God will Bless them I hope we shall not
be disturbed tho' I hear that some have been making
application for our Land which is very cruel as
Wm has had the entire management these 4 years
but their is no trust to be put in man and it
will do them no good but it shows what they would
So if they had it in their Power. It proves the
deceitfullness of man but God overrules all and
makes all work together for good to them that
believe in him and I hope that I shall never doubt his

I have made all the enquiry I can about Charlotts relations
and Mrs Kindale? and her family are all living but in
very low circumstances two of their sons are married and
one at home. Sophia? for I do not know her name is living
but in Poverty and could not make any thing out of Tho Mears
and is Sister but I believe they are living at Newton? what
a change in that Family so no one knows what is to come
that [] the vanity of all earthly good but who so put all is trust
in the Lord as not to be dissapointed I often think it was a good thing
that you left tho you have had a great deal to contend with
but I trust that your Old age may be more free from care and
your Children may live and be virtuous to enjoy []
after you are gone all our other relations are living Aunt
Bradshaw is in a very weak state and and Wm Braugton? of Blaston
is not expected to live long. Aunt Cooke was at our house at
time of my dear Husbands Death and is quit well Fany? is going
to be married the beginning of Next Month to a jewler at Harbro
of the name of Cox he taken Mr Bettes/ Business we think it will
be a very comfortable home for her Thomas is still in London in the
same Place and I do not hear that their is any signs of Ann?
leaving home at Present Aunt Mutton being with Aunt Cooke
they all enquire after you and all our relations I do not know of
any Particular change in any of them. I think it is all a blank in our
Coal mines as they have stopt nearly twelve month and I do
not hear that they are likely to go on again their is a great deal
of money lost as much I am told 28 thousand Pounds if you got
half that you could be able to Purchase a Farm for each of your sons

but if you never have it in your Power to
Purch them a inharent in this World I hope that
they will inerid a happy one in the World to come
give my kind love to them all and your Wife for
do not expect ever to see them again their are
3 of Wm Daughters Married but I doubt they
are but Poorly off for the trade is so very bad
in England at this time their is been a great
many out of Employ this Winter and even
now? they are a great many my Children
all Unite with me in good Wishes that is
all we can do
from your affectionate
Sister F Green

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