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Letter Frances Green to Abraham Walter her Brother 1 Feb 1840

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham was in Brockville, Steuben County, Indiana.

Kingsthorpe Feb 1 1840

Dear Brother
it gave me great pleasure to hear from you as I had
allmost given up ever hearing from you again but I hope
that you will continue to write as long as you live and
I should be most happy to have a letter from some of the
Children that they may not quite forget England when
you and I are no more I wish when you write again you
would state how far you are from New Y and wether
or not you like this Part and how your Family is
going on you Observed that they were Grown men
Women as are mine and Bless God are Dutyfull
if they was [] what [] I do it would break
my heart but I trust that God will give them Grace
to withstand the many temptations we are put to
in this World and I happrehend men hear then
you are but He has promised as your days so shall
your Strength be and I most thankfully find it to
be so Mr G is not been into the Feild for 2 years
and Half that if my Boys was not to be depended
upon what would be come of us but Bless God
I can depend upon them and I feel it more and
more for I find that I cannot bear what I use to
So far I feel the Inferments of age gnaw upon me
very fast and I sometimes think that tho my

Husband is so infirm he will last me out I am
so very Poorly at times our Harbro friends are
all still alive and carry on much the same their
is none of Aunt Cookes Children married and Aunt
Mutton still lives with them Mr Goodhall died
about twelve Months ago and left her
five Hundred Pounds which will make her comfortable
and we are all very thankfull for it for her sight
is so bad we fear that if she lives long she will lose it
and then she will whant a great deal more attendance
Aunt Mawby is dead she died in April last
I have not heard any think of Charlotts relations
a long time but the last was of Mrs Kendall and
they was all very well and have left the Public
House and go on with the Blacksmithing only one
of the Kilbourns of Desborough lives at it and are
very well Jane and her Family are but very Poorly off
but I hope they will do better as they get up. we have not
found Coal at present but still keep going on at a very
great Expense but it is the generall Opinion that they
will not but this Week the News is more favourable
if the do Succide it will be a grand thing for all the
Neighbourhood as it will bring all sorts of Manufactory
but I do not Think much about it for the time is

that we are to be leave our greatest cause? should
be to Prepare for that state whear no change comes
I humbly Pray that God will give me and you
Grace so to live that we may meet in the
Kingdom where [ ] enter even
so Amen, my Children all enqiure? very kindly
after you and yours and desire their kind
love to you all with me.

I remain with Sincere
love and good wishes your
affectionate Sister
Frances Green

PS Aunt Bradshaw is still alive
and is with her Daughter since the
death of Uncle for Poor Woman thay
was nothing for her at all and not
enough to Pay every one their own

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