Letter Frances Green to Abraham Walter her Brother 26 Apr 1842

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Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham was in Brockville, Steuben County, Indiana.

Kingsthorpe April 26 1842

Dear Brother
it gives me great pleasure to hear from
you and if it should Please God to Prosper your
intended journey to England and I am spared to see
you it will be more than every one expects but his Merces
are very grate towards me, my Health is not very good at
this time and my Daughter is very Poorly these 2 Months
but I hope it will please God to restore her and if it is
for our good he will I only Pray to be resigned to is
Blessed will my sons are both in good Health and
are very steady and Industrious but we have lost []
Freinds since I wrote last Mr Broughton died in November
Mr Burton in March and John Burton 3 weeks before
and 2 old Neighbours Mrs West and Mr Deakin? all in
6 Weeks which are very loud Warning to us that
are left our Harbre relations are quit well and []
Aunt Bradshaw is still alive. Fanny Cooke is Married to
jewler and Whatch Maker in Harbre a very Respected
Man and Thomas is Married in London Mrs Kendall ask
for your address some time ago thay was a going to
write to you we were struck with the Price for your corn?
our Weat as averaged £3 4s Per Quarter all the year but the
Barley not more £1 5s which is less then we can afford
to Pay the expenses for this year they have been more then
for some years Past the trade of all discreption is very bad

and I doubt no Prospect of amendment it grieves me for
those Poor Children at Desborough 3 of the Girls are
Married and are very Poorly off [   ] they
was very blamable to marry they was so young and
no Prospect thay are a great trouble to me Wm
and [Isaac] are very stedy Boys and if they could
have full employ ment would be comfortable
but joe is not so and then their is two more
younger that all together they are very Poorly off
I am glad to find that Robt is so well contented with the
Country [] I must tell him we are not [] in this
tho the trade is more Apressed them it as been for some years
still we have more comforts of life because we have more
money and there is so many Provisions for the Poor
that [  ] any economy they may still
be comfortable but there is some People these years []
help We his Cousins are glad to hear that he is satisfied but they
don't think of coming to sea at Present we have two friends
gone from Kingsthorpe this Spring but I do not know to
what Part they have Friends in America which
makes it more pleasant for them I am so thankful to
say that we have had very good luck with our cattle and sheep
this year but in some parts of England their is been very
loss there as been such a bad [   ] among them we had
it round this Neighbourhood 2 year ago] all our cows to
but one it reduced them to allmost skeletons but
they all recovered tho many died aback Poor things that
wanted grate attention

Mrs Broughton is gone to live at Stamford they have let
the house and Land [   ] Richard is get a Farm
on a Lease at Better? [] his Health is very bad jane
is dead and left two Children but their is Plenty for them
all for reports say that Mr B died worth 40 thousand
Pounds but it is some Comfort to [] know that
if we are [] in our Saviours righteousness we shall
be admeted to unto heaven if we have but 40 Farthings
through the same free Grace of God without money and
without Price. give my kind love to Charlot and all the Children and trust that
God will be our guid to Death and if
we never meet hear we may in Eternity
is the Prayer of your affectionate sister
Frances Green

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