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Letter Frances Green to Abraham Walter her Brother 7 Aug 1843

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham was in Brockville, Steuben County, Indiana.

Kingsthorpe August 7 1843

My Dear Brother
your long silence makes one feel anxious about you more
as I had my expectations raised in hope to see you but now
I have given that all over as the distance is so great and
Peril also I should be afraid for you to undertake the Voige
tho I know that the same Almighty God reigneth now
as Perdicted you before I believe that you put the same trust
in Him as you did for when we leave that hope we
have no other to trust in as all Earthly things are
vain and uncertain, but if we are true to our God
we shall meet in that haven whear there is no fear
of Pain or uncertainty for Jesus Christ is the same
yesterday today for ever O may I have Faith to
say with the Psalmist it is all my hope and all my
desire I will not fear what man can do to me I have
to cumate to you the Death of Aunt Mutton she died
on the 27 of July she was wearing away all the Spring
and believe was quit aware of it I whent to see her
in April found her very Week but she did not
keep her bed more then 3 days. I must tell you that
what little Property she had is divided amongst
us she as left me and you 19 guineas apiece and
if you should desire it will be transferd in due

time to you she as left Thos Cooke and Samuel Cox
which married Fany Cooke Executors but she as not
left them any more then the rest and I am afraid
they will have some trouble if not loss as Paid of the
Property is in very doubtful hands but she made that
Promise as thay shall not lose it but it must be [  ]
of the legeses but I am sure thay will do all they
can and make all satisfied as far as is in their Power to
Aunt Bradshaw is still living is 84 year a great age to
look forward to but when it is gone it is like a tall
that is told we have not lost any other relations since I
wrote to you before. I must tell you that my Daughter
was Married of the 12 of July but a few days before the
Death of Aunt for all was arranged and she was so very
then she had been for some time till 3 days before her death
she is gone to live at Harbrough she as taken the Name of
Abbott you know the name it is a Nephew of Mrs Burton
He is a Bookseller very respectful and as far as we can
judge by appearances thought full and one they as the fear of
God before his eyes and I trust that she as likewise for
without that their is no real happeness he is several
year Older then her which I like better

your Brother Wm Family are still a trouble to
me and I doubt allways will the Girls instead of help
out to [] and 3 of them Married just to make them
feling miserable as long as thay live the lives
which they have been brought up to is now quite
a falure and all trade is very much apprest
which makes it bad for the Landed intrest and we
do not see any Prospect of improvement? I am happy
to say Johns & Jones are very steady and respectful one is
living at Kettering and the last time I heard of them
the other at Manchester their Uncle Ward but
them both Aprentes which was a very good thing
for them it is been a long time since I heard any
thing of Charlots relations but in the last summer
Tho Kirby called up me and then her Sisters wear
living much in the same way that they had been
some time Kendals had left the Publick house but
he was continuing on the Blacksmith in Kirby seems
very respectful he as only one Daughter a very
nice Girl their is ardly any body left at Ashley
that we know as us they of one generation Paseth
away and a nother cometh and that will be the
case till time shall be no more. I feel my loss
grately tho my Poor husband was so aflicted still
He was hear to council and advise but I cannot

but I cannot complain of my Boys their are very
stedy and industrious and manage the Farm very
well which is a great Comfort to me and themselves
our relations all joine with me and my Family
in wishing you and yours well you have all our
Prayers for your Prosperity and Health for without
that greatest of Blessings all is nothing
I remain your affectionate
Sister Frances Green

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