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Letter Frances Green to Abraham Walter her Brother 1 Dec c1839

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham was in Brockville, Steuben County, Indiana. This is a transcript of someone else's transcript.

Kingsthorpe Dec 1

My Dear Brother
I was very glad to hear from
you I began to be very uneasy
about you, but I am happy to find
that you are not cast down with the
change and I trust that it will Please
the Almighty to Bless you and tour
Family. but my heart sinks when I
think of your situation. It must be
so very solitary I should have been
glad if you had sent mme word whether
there is any more Familys near you.
I am very sorry that you are obliged
to move and think that I should not
have gone so far up the country. it
seems to me as if you must starve
before you can get the land cultivated
but it is the Lord that orderest all our
ways and I know that you do acknowledge
that and I hope it will Please him to
give you and the Family Health and
Peace in your old age and a happy
inheritance in the world to come.
I comfort myself with the Precious
Promises we have given us and trust
through the merits of our Redeemer we
shall meet in his Kingdom and then
all Sorrow and trouble will cease. I am
happy to say that my Husband and
children are in good health and at

Present I trust good childen. I
Pray daily for my and yours that
they may be kept from the Present
evil World. We have had two letters
from Wm lately and he says that is
very well and as comfortable as his
situation will admit and wants his
Wife and Family to go out but it is impossible
for them to get their [] will
elder go if their Mother would but it is a
pity that he should wish such a thing.
I had Mrs Brampton called upon me a few
days ago and she is looking very well
and has been keeping house for somebody
in warwickshire but has left and her
other Sisters are much in the same way
as they av was. Kendals are been
obliged to leave the house at Ashley and
goes on with the Blacksmithing but are
bur poorly off. our relations are all still
living but Aunt Mawby and Aunt
bradshaw are very poorly and i think
will not be here long but we be gone first
so uncertain is this life but if we are
but prepared [] we need not
wish to stop here
Send word in your next what time you get
your Harvest and what sort of climate it
is for I do feel more anxiety about you
now I think than when you first went.
I have inclosed a few seeds I wish I could
send you some thing more substantial.

I hope you will write again as soon
as you receive mine. give my kind
love to your Wife and Children and
I trust that God will be their Lord?
and Keeper is the sincere wish
as your affectionate
Sister Frances Green

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