Letter Frances Green to Abraham Walter her Brother 21 Dec 1844

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Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham was in Brockville, Steuben County, Indiana.

Kingsthorpe Decbr 21 1844

My Dear Brother
I feel grate Pleasure in hearing from you and I
ought to be ashamed not to have written to you for I always
find reluctances in writing but I am happy to say that we are
all well and going on much in the old way [ ]
yet I have not expresd so much   [  ]
for which I desire to be thankful [] Brothers sons did
not get out to come for they do not like the thought of
leaving England and if they did I do not know how the
money was to be found to get them their [] hope that they
will all be able to get their living they have learnt the
Silk Weaving for their is been a Manufractory
established at Desborough some years 2 of them have
been very ill and I think one is Consumptive but thay
are better now I have never heard or seen any thing of Charlottes
relations a long while only Mr Timms told me some time ago
that Fany Mears was Married but did not know any
details on them. I gave Mr Cox your address some time ago
but thair Part of Aunts Money that the [] has which they
dispute and one of them is dead and was [] and her
affairs are thrown in Chancelry so it Prevents Aunts
Business being settled but I hope it will not be long through
when even it is thair will be loss it was a trouble to
her before her Death for she could not get it is very trying
but if all would be honest it would not be the case
and wille we are hear we shall always have tryal,
of one sort or other I Pray that thay may ween us
more from the World as their is nothing we can depend on

we have had the reverse of you respecting the Weather
for we have had a remarkable cold Spring and dry
Summer and it is been very ingreus to the []
crops for they did not in many cases come while
the rain fell and then thay did not ripen in time a
great deal was out against us in Nature and is
quite spoild one think God was [] and
came up [] but at times so did not ripen
so well and we have got the Winter come upon
us early then we have had for some years but
I trust we shall have a favourable? Spring for fodder
is very scarce the Hay is now sellin 6 Pound 10s per ton
and Barley Straw is worth 3s 6d per cwt thay was so little got
Wm Payne of Brockhall did not get abit and
remembers more so it makes us feel anxious for
the sake of the Poor Cattle as they must Suffer but
the Lord is all sufficient and I wish we all had
Grace to trust him more Weat is low for this
Country about 5s 6d per b you talk of coming if you
can we should be very Glad to see you but the distance
is so grate I fear you will never be able to and
face the juriney tho their is the same Dangers?
now as their was when you went but the time
of Course must have made a great alteration in you

as I feel it is with me so I never expect to see
you again in this World but trusting in my Saviour
I hope to meet you in that which is to come our
relations are all living tho i do expect Poor Aunt
Bradshaw can be hear long but any of us may be
gone before she is about 80 4 years old so that is
the Course of nature her time is short when you write
again let me know wether your Family is all with you
my 2 sons are still with me and I hope will remain
some time longer for I am sure it is best for
them for Business is very difficult? to be met
with to do any good. Labour is very scarce their
is a great meny men out of Work that it were
our Levy very high and it is the same in all Parts
I do think we have to much [] and [] roads
it take up so much Labour thar is now a new line
making from Northampton to Peterborough so we can
go from one end of the County to the other in a few
Hours. I must say that your Brother John's? 2 Boys
are very stedy and their Uncle Ward died a few Weeks
back and I am told as left the oldest 5 Hundred Pounds
and the other 1 which I hope will do them good. I must
conclude and if I am spared I will not be [] long before
I write again give my kind love to your Wife and I
remain your affectionate Sister Fr Green

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