Letter Frances Green to Abraham Walter her Brother 19 May 1838

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Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham was at Brockvill, Crooked Creek Post Office, Indiana.

Kingsthorpe May 19

My Dear Brother
it was with grate Pleasure I received your letter on the 9 of April
as it informed me that you and your Family was in good health
and in hopes of been very comfortable may the Lord be pleased
to realise? that hope I am so thankful to finde that you
have such a stedfast faith in Gods mercies for we know
that his Promises are sure and he will make all works
together for good to them that trust in him I wish I could
have as strong a trust and in every trial be humbly resigned
to is will I hope I shall as I have been Peculer Blessed I ought to
be the more thankfull for my dear Husband is in a very
declining state of Health he as not been able to get
from home all the Winter and I do not expect he will
ever be able to look after the Business any more but
the Lord has Bless me with such a good son for Wm
is so very stedy and Industrious he as the entire
management I do not know what we should do without
him I Pray daily that he and all my Children may be
Preserved from the snares of this Wicked World for we
are so thickly beset with temtations. we have been very
much alarmed? 3 weeks ago we had our house broken
in and thay taken 97 Pound in mony and 6 tea 2 Table spoons
and sugar toungs and 2 cady spoon and [     ]
but thank God they did not come upstairs if they had I do not know

been the Consequences I heard them but never thought of any body been in the
house it was a very Windy Night and I thought it was the wind blowing some
thing. we have had a very severe Winter [] then ever was know
the frost was so very severe [] their is very few ever Green
escaped most of the [] and all Winter Greens on the Garden are kilt.
thair is not a Garden in Northampton that had one Brockle left and
it is still very cold. but we look for a change every day. thay still
keep at Work at the Coal Pit but have not found at Presant thay
find grate difficulty to keep master of the Water it will be emence
expense before thay find if ever they do some People think thay
never will. I expect Aunt Mutton at Kingsthorpe to day and all our
relations at Harbro are still living and all as well in Health as we
can expect and Aunt and Uncle Bradshaw ar very Infirm and
all your relations desire their love and good wishes to you
and yours. we have lost Mrs Clark she died in Dec last
after a few days illness what warnens they are to us that
are left not to set our affections to strong on earthly
things. I hope it will please God to Prosper you in your new
undertaking and give you and your Wife Health and strength
to see your Children able to Provide for themselves my
Husband and Children unight in love to you and your Family
end ever remain your affectionate Sister
Frances Green

This newpaper cutting from The Northampton Mercury 28 April 1838 offers a reward for finding the thief.

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