Letter Frances Green to her brother, Abraham Walter 28 Feb 1835

Wednesday, 30 March 2011 12:00 PM BST

Contributed by: Jerry Green

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham Walter and his family were in Ellisburgh, Bellville Post, Jefferson County, New York.

Kingsthorpe Feby 28 1835

Dear Brother
I was very much rejoiced to hear so good account
from you and trust it will Please God still to
Bless you and yours I have to say that our
Father is no more he died on 17 of this Month
he wore away gradually and only kept his
bed 5 days and was quite sencable to the end?
I was not with him but his Neighbours was
kind to him and Aunt Cooke whent backwards and
forwards to him and I went to see him 3 Weeks
before and I went again as soon as I new and
to see him Resigned at Peace and quite aware of his
death and trust found [] I should a gone
again but Mr G is so poorly I couldn't
leave him long together but I thank God I []
[ ]
the Children are all quite well and will be
very happy to see Robt? when he can come []
any other of his Brothers and Sisters but the []

great for me to Indulge or hope that I shall ever
have the Pleasure of seeing any of you again but
I am so thankfull to hear from you for you are
the only one that I hear any thing off God only
knows whear thay are or weather thay are alive
or dead? I am the only one that is left in this
Country but I know that the Almighty God does
all things well and I submit humbly to his will
[] that Charlotts Sisters are much as Usell but
have not heard any thing of them for some time
Mr? Timson sent to Mrs Meers some little time
back she is living at Newton and []
but I do not kow wether Thos is their
our Harbro Freind [] in Kettering are all very
[] Uncle Bradshaw is going to leave the
House? it would been better if he had left
[ ] much against the
[ ] Weat is not make
more then 5s pr Bushell and a great deal less and
Barley about 2s [] 2s 8d for qtr the Meat is in Recsecion
[ ] so you may see we are not in

a very Propreus way and I am afraid we shall
have some very Poor scenes in the Country it
seems as if nobody was satisfied and the
Parlement open'd Thursday last and the
King has not pleased the more the People
I mean there [] expected such very great
Indulgences and I know not what I wish
People should mind their own Business and?
leave the affairs of the Nation to the rulers []
but I trust that God will not permit this Great Country?
and [ ] Nation to be lade [ ]
but certainly the Prospect is very [] my []
time may each one lay it seriously to his heart
and Pray to God to frustrate the works
of evil men.
All Friends Unite in love and
good Wishes to you and your
Wife & Family
from your affectionate
Sister Fr Green

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