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Letter Frances Green to her brother, Abraham Walter 25 Jul 1834

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham Walter and his family were in Ellisburgh, Bellville Post, Jefferson County, New York.

Kingsthorpe July 25 1834

Dear Brother
I received yours on the 9 and was very happy to find that you
continue in good spirits and I trust it will Please the Almighty in
whose hands are all our ways to grant that that it may be so endurd
if it be for your good that you may continue wear you
are but he only knows what is good for us and I Pray that
we may have Grace to be resigned to his will in every thing
I hope it will Please God to give to you and your Wife your
Health to see your Children able to provide for themselves
I had given up expecting an increase in your Family but hope
it will be for good we have lost Mrs? Timson and Mrs?
Dumblerton since I wrote last and Mrs Moor is come to
Newton Parish she is quite redused and is lost the use of
one arm or nearly so so she fell down and broke it and as nobody
[ ]Properly atended to her daughter is with her but I
do not know wether She is [ ] to Deen
Mrs? Kendall and Sophia? ar well in Heart but much the
same in circumstance Mr Timson and is Daughter have been
to Newton to see Mrs Mears I ham happy to say that Mr Green
is better but I am but Poorly but I hope if it Please God I shall
be spared a little longer for the sake of my children but
am so freted and anxious in my mind it make me worry

I could not help make in a travail of that Poor unhappy
soul Wm and now his Family I do not know what will
become of them to [] Poor things have been kept so much
to the Frame work it is run'd the Health so much I
had got situations for two of them and one is obliged to leave
and the other is very unwell I much doubt weather she can
stay and the Parish are rather hard with them but I must
give up to such anxiety about them or else I shall not
be able to do for my own Father is much as usual I may
say very well in Health for his years my Children are all
quit well we have taken Wm from School I trust he will be
a good Boy then he will be Useful to us and Pleasing to
him self we have begun our Harvest in the 23 the Crops are
good except Beans but the Price is very low it will not
Pay the way at all. Mrs Broughton called upon me
yesterday and her and her Family are all well John
as bury'd one Wife and is got another Mrs Burton and
Family are all well Thomas was married in April last
and one of the Abbotts in May so their Family is on the
increase Aunt Cooke is very well but the Girls enjoy
very Poor Health & Aunt Mawby & Aunt Mutton are

much as usual but [] and our Kettering Freinds
are well P Bradshaw continues at Leads and Mrs
Fifield? she is got a son and daughter married
I do not think that I have any more news to
tell, but I trust that it will Please Almighty God
to Preserve you and your Family from the sners
of this vain and decitfull World and give us all
Grace through the merits and intercessions? of our Saviour
so to Pass through it that we may all meet in that
World whear sins never enter []
From your Affectionate Sister
Fr Green

give my love to Sarah and []
glad that she is so much of a Woman
to be able to get her own Bread and tell her
I hope she will Pray to God to give her health and
Strength to do her duty in the state it is Pleasd
him to call her and no doubt she will Prosper in this
World and in the World to come secure a crown of glory

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