Letter Frances Green to Abraham Walter her Brother 27 Feb c1858

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Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham was in Indiana.

let me of you again before Sumer
is over if you are spared

Kingsthorpe Feb 27 c1858

My Dear Brother
it was with great Pleasure I received yours
on the 21 only 3 Weeks from the date it does not apear to
be so far off as it realy is. I had begun to think that you
was no more but I must take blame to my self in not
writing but I have had a great deal to contend with
and put off from day to day it is with great regret
that I have to say that their is not a Wm Green left
he married 9 years ago and only live 2 years after
as left one Child and his Widow Married again in
a year and half after. I left him at the Farm which
his Poor Father Occupied and my other Son taken
one at a place of the Name of Catesby 4 miles from
Daventry whear he now is I went with him and
about 4 years and then he married and I left and
was with my Daughter for a will and some time
with him but I got tired of changin about and am
living at Kingsthorpe in a House by myself entirly
only have a Girl to sleep in the hous as I do not

like to be quite alone at night so that if you should
dispose of your Farm and come again to England
I hope that the first Place will be to see me if God Permit
to see good to Prosper your Plan it would be more
then I ever expected but we must leave all with
him as we know not what to ask. I have prayed to
that and to be very thankful for all the Blessings
I enjoy as my health is very good for my age
and have all the Necessarys of life within my Power
and Luxeres I never care of you would not know Kingsthorpe 
if ever you are Permitted to see it the Burtons Family are entirely
gone and the White Horse is made a Private gentlemans house and
their is much Building in that Part it is like another town.
about 6 weeks ago I meet with Kendell of Ashby he told
me is wife had been dead 6 years and his daughter he?
is looking very old. I think that their is only Sophia left
of Charlote Sisters. Thomas Mears is liveing at Kettering he
very [] and respected in his situation he as a little mare?
and keeps a few Cowes and goes round the town to sell
his milk now? your Aunt Cook is still living as now
entered Eighty 3 year and with the excemption of hearing
her facettues are good and she can about as well as I can
she is quite an excempton as their is not one in 10 their

so well her youngest daughter married and lived to
have 2 Children and died when the youngest was about
2 years old her Husband never married again and her
Sister keep his House so the Children are [ ]
never knew the life of their Mother. Thomas Cooke keeps
the White House in Dallington? doing very well Uncle and Aunt
Bradshaw are been dead some years and 2 of their Children
settled in Leeds? ther Daughter at Kettering as now lost
her Husband about 12 Months she as 3 Sons and 2 Daughters
all grown up and 4 of them are settled. I do not think
that their is any more relations. but when I look
round and see the Changes that daily? take Place I am
[ ] like with gratitude and wonder that I am been spared
[] so many and great trials that I have been called
to exprence but the Lord is all suffering and the almighty
and I Pray that both you and yours and mine may
put our onely trust in him as we are sure that their
is no Earthly thing to be accounted of. I wish I could
say that our Brother Wm's Family was comfortable but
their is but one that is any thing like it I cannot
think how it is that the Boys cannot manage to get
a living but that all took the Weaving and the trade soon
faild so that there was very little to be got at it and they
all seem as though they could not settle to Works the
youngest about 6 years ago said he wanted to come to America
and came to beg of me to do some thing for him and

gave him money to Pay his Passage and then he altered his
mind and the others have served me the same [ ]
Picture or other till I [ ] I might give
them all I have and thay none the better I am very
sorry for their Mother and never take sight of her []
Woman the triels are very grieve. there is only one of
Johns Sons left and he is a [] and lives at Lesster
I dare say that you remember some of
our old Labours but some of them are gone [] for
are and about 2 Months ago [ ]
was living and rembers you well i do not know that
their is any body else that you know anything about
I should not think that any body in England that
could command so much Money as your Farm is
worth would leave their Country. but I hope [] may
meet with someone that can as I feel [] that you
should like to come hear again but the same God
orders all in America as well as England the same Sun
shines their. We have had a remarkable fine Summer and
mild Winter up to February and it is now very cold but it will
not continue long as the Spring is advance.
I remain with kindest love to yourself and your Family
your affectionate Sister F Green

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