Letter Frances Green to her brother, Abraham Walter 1 Sept 1832

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Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham Walter and his family were in Ellisburgh, Bellville Post, Jefferson County, New York.

Kingsthorpe Sept 1 1832

Dear Brother
I was so exceeding happy to hear from you and more so as
you are in Health and the Family and give so good account
of your sittuation and I do trust in a few years I shall
if we are both spared see you again as many do come over
but it must bee when your Children are Grown up sufficiently?
to take care of themselves I am very happy to contradict the
report that you hear of England been visited with so Nastie?
a Visitation but their been some Places visited with a new
complaint calld the Cholera which as proved fatal to many
but thank God we have had nothing of the kind about us it
was reported that their was a few cases at Northampton but
I do not believe it as at this season many People are often
afflicted with a complaint in the Bowles brought many times
Throughout heat and excess drincking. Father is very Poorly
I mean to go to see him when we have done Harvest which
will be in a short time we have got exceeding good crops
and the Weather is very fine how kind the Almighty
is to us ungrateful Creatures for when I look round
and see the Wickedness that abounds it would not
be wenndorfull if the Lord was to Punish us with famine
so much Corn that was burnt last year it was dreadful?
to read the account. Mrs Mears has left Dean and I as far
as I can learn lost nearly al thay had thay have taken a
little House at Welden but have got no business and I do

not think ever will again but she is very Poorly herself
not expected to live long. Ashley received [ ] in letter and
he and his Family are well he is married again but I think
you new that but I forget how long it is since Mrs Pain
and her family are much as usual? very unhappy and
fear will never be otherwise I have not heard from
Ashely a long time but Mrs Timson? was at Weldon? in the
Spring and Mrs Kendal was Pretty well at that time
and she saw Mrs Brampton and she was quit well and? all? her?
Family have got good Situation and are in service except the
youngest and he is at school I hope Charlotte will []
to make her feel happy for if she was in England among
her relations they would not be much comfort to her
Wm and his Family are well but [ ]
know how to live for the Girls cannot get any work all
the last Winter nor this Summer of any account now they
whant to get out to service which they ought to do soon
but I am afraid thay are not fit for much I do not know when
will [] of them for for he will not [] himself to go
to the Parish for Work and so as little or nothing to do
by the account that they send thay are both[ ] and it is
not in my Power to maintain such a family but I hope
that some of the Girls will be able to get out before another winter
your Relations are all very well and [ ]
and are so happy to hear so good account and I trust we shall

continue to hear it and better if I could once hear that
you had a home of your own I should be quite satisfied
had I been certain that you would have received the seeds
I would inclose a trifle of money but I have but little
to spare and I do trust that the almighty will Prosper?
the works of your own hand that in time you will
be able to accomplish it when your Children get a little
more Grown and able to asist you and I trust they
will Grow in Grace as they Grow in stature
Mr Earl is wearing away very fast I think in all Polibly
he will not continue long he as kept his bed Month

give my kind love to Charlot and the Children and
if I cannot see them I often think of them and talk
of them I have neve been able to get all that money of theirs?
yet there is £10 and more be think that as you are
him was so friendly and he did so much for
you and John he hope we shall not []
[ ] praying my dear for friendship
do not for get to write again in a few months I am
always anxious to hear from you
PS I forgot to say that Miss Broughton was Married
[] March Past [ ] to Mr [] in Ockly Berk
[] Brackley thay called at Mrs Burtons on their way
home and E Burton is at Bloxham? with her sister?
[] your Affectionate Sister F Green

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