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Letter Frances Green to her brother, Abraham Walter 26 Mar 1832

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham Walter and his family were in Ellisburgh, Bellville Post, Jefferson County, New York. This letter includes a Recipe for Porter.

Kingsthorpe Mar 26 1832

Dear Brother
I was very happy to hear from you and I hope that you will
never neglect writing let grace be with you will it gives me grat
Pleasure to find that you still like the Country and wish it was
in my Power to help you to buy a farm but I do not know
how to convay a little money to you self and it would not be
much that I could spare but I hope when your Family Grow
up you will be able to do a little better if it Please God to spare
you which I trust he will for their sake we often talk of you
and wish we could see you but it cannot be but I hope that
our Prayers meet at the throne of Grace and I hope it will
some time Please God to grant that I may see you again in
this life if not I trust we shall meet in that World wear sins
nor sorrow never enters through the merits of our Redeemer
in Amen I have sent you a few seeds by Mr Goodman Brother
in law to Mr Norton and he intends seeing you if it is not
to far out of his way but if he does not he will send them
and would be glad to hear from you. he lives at Sheffield Lorain
County State of Ohio I am glad to say that all you freinds
are as well as [] now uncle Bradshaw as been very ill
they did not expect he would live but he is better and John
Fifield is married to Miss Gostick of Rowell and lives with
her freinds. I have not heard any thing from any of Charlotts
relations since I wrote before but the last I did hear of Mrs Mears
she liked Dean very well. we have had a remarkable mild Winter
we have not had snow to cover the Ground all winter or Ice
that would bean to slide upon but the Weather is colder now
then it ever as been which if it continues long will nock the Spring back ward

Recept for Porter
to 1 Bushell of high Dreid Malt 1lb of liqurish root
1lb of Hops 1oz of Spanish juice 1lb1/2 of sugar 1lb of treacle
2oz of Ginger and a little coluring but I do not know what it
is so if you do not I should think it would not be of any
conquince if it is omitted all theis ingrents must be []
in the worth? except the Ginger which must be but in
the Barrel it will require cleaning which you must
do by desleving a little Isinglass in some ale this will make
12 Gallons of strong Porter or little more
I send this in case you should not have the other [] I do not
know what other recpts to send that would be of anu use to
you but hope with the Blessing of God you will be able
to get a [ ] give my kind love to your Wife
and Children and I remain your Affectionate
Sister Frances Green

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