Letter Frances Green to her brother, Abraham Walter 31 Dec 1830

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Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham Walter and his family were in New York State.

Kingsthorpe Decber 31 1830

My Dear Brother
you cannot conceive the Pleasure I felt on receiving
your letter and more so when I heard that you was
Satisfied with the change of Country and I do daily Pray
that the Almighty will bless you with his goodness in
this Present life and in the Life to come eternal happiness
I often indulge the vain wish that I could see you and
the Family and know what you are doing but that
cannot be but their is one that does know and is
able to and willing to save all that but their trust in
him and I hope that you and yours may be of the happy
number and that I may strive to be one also that we
may all meet in Heaven when all Sorrow will be
wiped from our eyes. we like our new situation
very well if we can but get a living and Mr G
weakens very much it grieves? me to see him but
thank God my health is better. but we are very much
alarmed at the state of the Country Their is such
dreadfull Fires about and breaking Machines their
as been many brought to our Gaol from the Magistrates
at Kempston and Oundle and [] other Places but I trust
that the Almighty will not suffer it to spread out
we fear. we have got a change in Parliament trust

It will be for the good of the Country I have not
sent the seeds for I thought the expense would be
more than the Value but if you think they would
be valuable to you write again Imetitaly and we
will endeavour to get them for you. I wish you
would send word wether you made out there
People that you was recommended to and how
far you are from New York and be sure to
write at least four times a year and let me
know how you get on. your Father and Brother and
all other relations are quite well Mr & Mrs Simson was
at our house this Week and they desired their kind Recepts?
to you and Mrs J has been to Deen to see Mrs Mears and
she like very well at Present and she called on Sophia
as she went through Geddington and she was very well in
Heartt but quite destute Mr & Mrs Burton and Mr & Mrs
Clark all desire they love to you and will be happy to
hear that you are comfortable.
Mr G joins in love to you and your Wife and
all the Family and hartily Pray that the Blessings
of God may be with you and remain
from your affectionate Sister
Frances Green


Excerpts from "The Northampton Mercury".

30 Oct 1830

On Wednesday night, between 9 and 10 o'clock, a haystack the property of Messrs Morgan, butchers of this town was discovered to be on fire. It was standing in a field known as Miller's Close at the back of Bell Barn, a considerable distance from any building. There appears to be no doubt of its' having been the work of an incendiary who, se are sorry to say, remains unknown.

4 Dec 1830

The constabulary force in this town has been considerably augmented during the last week. In addition to a large number of special constables, all the able bodied pensioners residing here have been enrolled, and we entertain the most sanguine hopes that the tranquility which pervades the town and it's immediate vicinity will continue undisturbed. We are sorry to have to record the unsettled state of other parts of the county, where several machines have been burned, and other acts of lawless depredation committed. Twelve rioters have been secured, and sent to the county gaol, in the town from various districts.

Geo Bell, Wm Humberstone, Richd Williamson, Thos Marriott, Jno Craythorn and John Chapman committed to county gaol; the first five charged with felloniously breaking a threshing machine at Warmington the property of Saml Browne and the latter for forcibly endeavouring to rescue from the lawful custody of the constable for Warmington the two first named.

11 Dec 1830

George Smith, Samuel Soul, William Collar, James Marriott, William Brothers, Thomas Lawrence, John George and John Smallbone committed to county gaol charged with riotous assembly with divers other persons unknown, and destroying a threshing machine the property of William Paine of Upper Boddington.

On 6 Dec 1830 a great celebratory procession, meeting in Market Square and Dinner at George Hotel was held to congratulate Lord Althorp on his election as an MP for the County and his appointment as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

25 Dec 1830

James Linnell committed to county gaol charged with lighting a barn at Shutlanger in the occupation of Thomas Horn.

Letter to Editor from Samuel Taylor

............................it is not threshing machines that are the cause of distress it is want of employment and better wages. If gentlemen could reduce their rents, in conjunction with extended cultivation, both tenant and labourer would be mutually benefited.

Having had a machine more than 21 years allow me to say; I erected it from necessity, my labourers wishing to be otherwise employed; I have used it ever since, to the injury of no one, as the whole of the labour in our village is required without threshing. Upon other parts of my farms, where there is an abundance of manual labour, I invariably employ it, though I will not concede my right to use a machine if I choose. Nothing can possibly be more unwise than the wholesale condemnation of machines, they may be an injury in some instances, but a great public benefit in others..............................


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