Letter from Thomas Mears in Kettering to his Niece in America 16 Jan 1866

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 This letter doesn't really belong here. It has been bound in the book of Frances Green's letters but actually it is from Thomas Mears to Abraham Walter's daughter in America. Thomas was the brother of Charlotte Mears, Abraham's wife.

 Kettering January 16 1866

My dear Niece in reply to your letter
it is with the Greatest of pleasure to come to
hear from you I am married and settled at
Kettering and am doing very comfortable Thank
God for it. Your Aunt Fanny is living with me
your Aunt Brampton is Living in London and
and all her family except Mary ann and she
is settled at finedon your Aunt Kendall has
been dead about nine years and your Uncle
Kendall is still living at Ashley and your
Cousin James with him William is married
and settled at harrington and is doing well
Mary and John are both dead your Aunt
Pain? has been dead about 10 years and your
Uncle has died and her family are all living
at Geddington except Mary and she is married
and settled at Old your Uncle Ashby has
been dead about 4 years Henry John William
and hames are all married and settled in
London samuel is married and settled at Dudley
in Warwickshire and Mary is married and
settled in her fathers house

Sarah? Craft? and James her? husband? at
Geddington are both dead Mr and Mrs Smith
are both dead John Smith is still Living at
Geddington and has got a farm there he has
Three sons and One daughter One Butcher?
at Geddington a farmer at Warkton One
a farmer at Weekely and the daughter is married
and settled at Wilby Near Wellingborough Rebbeca?
and Thomas are both dead Bettany? is married
and settled at Brighton near London and
at Rowell on Wensday they? and visit? Mr
Bull and Mrs Newman and they was highly
Delighted to hear from you and Desired?
me to Give there Kindest respects to your
father and mother and would very much
Like to see you received a Letter from you
about two years ago and is answered it but
it appears you did not have it
so now i conclude and am happy to say
we are all quite well and there is not one
Day passing but i think about you all
and should very much Like to see you all

Thomas and Frances Mears
star yard Kettering

Please to Remember me and
and my Sister to your father
and mother and all the family

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