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Letter Frances Green to her brother, Abraham Walter 19 Mar 1832

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham Walter and his family were in Ellisburgh, Bellville Post, Jefferson County, New York. This letter includes a Recipe for Porter.

This letter was exceptionally difficult to read, I would appreciate any corrections.

Kingsthorpe March 19 1832

Dear Brother
I was so happy to hear that you and your family wear well
and are comfotrable may it Please God to continue it all your
friends in England are as well as as well are in Picture? change only
John Fifield is married to Miss Gostick at Rowell Tho Newman
called upon Aunt Cooke to enquire after you for they heard that you
never went to America but was lost how such a report got
about I cannot think I have sent you a new needs as Mr Goodman
was kind enough to offer to bring a small parcel which I trust
may be of use to you I wish I could assist you in buying a farm
but do not know how to send a little money on I would though
it is not much that I could spare but think in time you
would do be able to Pay me again or my children I trust
I shall see you again in this World if God Permit but
if not let us fervently Pray that we may meet in that World
wear trouble? never comes with all our Family with us to sing?
Hallelulah for ever and ever Amen. A recept for Porter
to a Bushel of very high dried Malt cut 1lb of Liquorice root
1 lb of hops 1 oz of spanish juice 1 1/2 lb of sugar 1lb of treacle
2 oz of Ginger a little colouring but I do not know what that is so if you
not  I should not think it of any consequence if it is missed
all these ingredients must be but in the wert except the Ginger
which is but in the barrel it will requirefireing which you must
desolve a little Isinglass in Ale and but it in the barrel this will
make 12 Gallons of strong good Porter or little more I think
their is been a law suite respecting the Town Hall at Northampton
and they are going to keep the Fair at Kingsthorp and their is
expected a grate deal of cattle to be brought which will hurt
Northampton if it is continued the first will be on 19 of this

Mr Burtons Brother in law which brings this
is a Mr Goodman of Sheffield Lorain County Ohio state
North America and would be glad to here from
you if he does not see you at the Parkers if it is not
To far out of his road I for got to say that Uncle Bradshaw
is been very ill they do not expect him to live but he is better
and Bettesy Maria is got a cancer in her throat [ ]
which can never be cured give my love to your Wife and
all the Children and tell them we often talk of them and I
should like to take a Peep at you all but it is to far which
causes me many a sighe but still I feel thankful that you went
for I do not know what you could do hear for I see no better
Prospect than when you left but I fear wose and I wish that
Wm and his family was their but I should not like if this
was a Prospect of his doing better or else it would be no use
I doubt he never will now he as gone on so long but will he
lives their is some hope that he will be brought to see the
eror of his ways if it should Please the Lord to change is
heart what a Blessing it would be for him and is family
from your affectionate Sister Frances Green

The Court Case mentioned in this article is in the Victoria history of Northampton.

The full text of the court case is available from the internet archive (page 437).


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