Bloodhound Finds Sheep Thief

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Contributed by: Jerry Green

 Northampton Mercury - 13 January 1844

 Sheep Stealing.—On Friday night the  5th instant, or early the following morning, an ewe sheep, the property of Mr. W. Green, of Kingsthorpe, was killed in a field in that parish.



 The legs, shoulders, part of the back and skin, the heart, &c., were taken away, the remainder being left in the field. On its being discovered on Saturday morning by the shepherd, when doing his rounds, information was given to police constable Rushin, and the blood-hound of the Association having been obtained, Rushin, with Mr Green and others, placed him on the scent, when he instantly, at a quick pace made off towards Northampton, at every gap or dyke in his course evincing he retained the scent. At a hay-rick near Mr. Perry's mill he remained some time, where it was clear the thieves had been.
Suddenly he jumped over the wall, and ran at a rapid pace across a field in the direction of Harding street, to a large heap of mould. Thence increasing his pace again across the field towards the meadows, be jumped over the wall of an inclosed garden at the back of Harding street, in the occupation of Mr. Hands, and running direct to a heap of stones, drew out a leg of mutton before Rushin and the others could get up with him. A few feet distant the remainder of the meat was found. It was left, and persons placed to watch it. About seven o'clock on Saturday evening two men, residing in this town, were seen in the garden. After crossing it and going direct to the heap of stones. they stood still, but on turning themselves round, and discerning the men who were watching, they left the stones, came direct to the men, and got over the wall on being spoken to. On Monday last they were apprehended, were examined the following day, and remanded till Thursday, when they were fully committed for trial at the ensuing assizes.

William had to take responsibility for the Farm when he was 22 after his father's death. See more about William here.

In the same newspaper it is reported that John Hill and George Glover have been committed to the County Gaol and House of Correction for stealing a sheep, the property of Wm. Green of Kingsthorpe.

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