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Land Farmed by Spackmans in Eastbury Berkshire

 The Spackmans were farming a very large area of Eastbury at the end of the 19th century

Over the years there were many sales of Spackman and Liddiard property in Eastbury.


of Old and New HAY, Waggons, Carts. Ploughs. Barn 

Implements and articles incident to quitting. — By .Mr. 
WESTALL, on Tuesday, Nov. 12, 1850 at 12 o'clock, 
by order of the executors of the late .Mr. Wm. Liddiard. 
deceased, without the least reserve, on the premises.
THE remaining portion of the dead FARM 
STOCK, consisting of 6 narrow-wheel waggons, 4 
carts, 3 ploughs, 19 harrows, 11 pairs of useful harness. 
10 nets, 4 oak rollers, two.wheel presser, large beams and 
weights to weigh 21/2 cwt.. water butt, a full supply of barn
implements, fans, rudders, screens, &c., malt mill, 1000
faggots in lots.
Also, on the close of this sale, will be sold, at
the Plough at Eaatbary, immediately contiguous, without 
reservation, 11 ricks ot most useful HAY, of the growth, 
principally, of 1848 and 1849, standing in Stroud's
Thatcher's, and Belcher'ss Farms, in Lambourn Wood­lands, 
Particulars in catalogues now nn delivery, and may be
had at the Plough, Eastbury, or the Red Lion and George Inns,
Lambourn, and of William Rolling, at the Cross
Roads in the Woodlands, who will show the Hay. AIso
of the auctioneer and estate agent, Marlborough, Wilts.
5 Aug 1857 - Sale of Land belonging to my Great Great Great Grandfather (For relationship with my Mother see this link).
A  Desirable FREEHOLD ESTATE at Eastbury, in the 
parish of Lambourn, Berks, within easy distance of the 
Market Towns of Newburv. Wantage, and Hungerford
MR.   WILLIAM   LIDDIARD   will   Sell' by 
Auction, at the Red Lion Inn, at Lambourn, on Friday 
the 5th day of June, 1857, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon.
bv the direction of the Trustee of the w ill of the late Mr. Wm
Liddiard, the following valuable Freehold Property, situate at 
Eastbury,  and consisting of  172a  lr.  12p. of very useful 
ARABLE and WOOD   LAND, (abuut 11 acres only being 
wood,) a DWELLING HOUSE, now used us two cottages, in
the occupations of James Dixon. and Henry Pettit;  barns
yard, pieeon-housc, and cart-house :idjoining. A MESSUAGE
and Garden, in the occupation of Mary Rogers, with a barn 
and yard adjoining; and a COTTAGE and Garden, in the
occupation of Thomas Champion.   Ihe  annual tithe rent 
charge is 44l. lls. 10d.; Land Tax, 1l. 3s. 8d;   Quit Rent, 
14s. 9d.; and the whole Estate is let to Mr. Wm. Liddiard, 
as a yearly tenant. . ,       .   .         ,
"The above property will be offered for sale m one lot, but, if 
not then sold, it will afterwards, on the samc d«y, be offered 
in the following convenient lots..
Lot 1.—Messuage, Garden,     
Barn, and Yard, (Mary Rogers ) 0a 1r 14p
East of Wantage Road—Arable 90a 3r 34p 
Barn and Yard    ...    ...    ...            0a  0r 26p
Total                                                91a 1r 34p
Lot 2.—West of Wantage 
Road—Arable       ...    ...    ... 40a   0r  29p
Twelve Acres—Ditto   ...    ...11a    3r 20p
Home Allotment—Ditto      ...  4a   2r 20p
Ditto - Ditto ... .... .... .... .... ... .. 2a    1r 14p  
Mcssuage, Barns, Yard, and)   0a   2r 26p
Buildings,(Dixon& Pettit))    )   0a   1r 24p
Total                                            60a 0r   13p 
Lot 3.—Cleeve Wood       ...   7a     2r   2-7p
Lot 4.—Little Furze Ground 
and Wood—Wood ...    ...    ...   0a   0r 39p
Arable ... ... ... .... ... ..      ...    ...    1a   1r 14p                                    ,
Uppcr Furze Ground—Wood       0a   3r 38p
 _    .     ,       Arable ...    ...    ...      3a   0r 19p                                     '
Bushy Leaze Coppice—Wood   2a   2r 36p
Bushy Leaze—Arable  ...    ... ..   4a   3r 17p
Total ... .... ....                                 13a  1r    3—2p
Cottage and Garden (Thomaa Champion)
 The property may bo viewed on application to the Tenant, 
or.to Mr. Richard Barrett , at Eastbury;  and further parti­culars 
may be obtained of Messrs W and E Ormond, solicitors, 
Wantage, or, of the Auctioneer, at Wantage.


24 Sept 1895 - Sale of stock and equipment belonging to William & Joseph Havelock Spackman (they were cousins, see this link)..


Mr A. W. NEATE is instructed by Messrs. 
W. and J. H. Spackman, to Sell by Auction, on 
the premises at Eastbury,   on Tuesday,   the 24th September, 
1895, at Twelve o'clock,
520 SHEEP and LAMBS, 
10 Genuine CART HORSES, 
five wagons, six tip-carts, Devon harvest cart, three 
water pipes, two drills, elevator and gear, ploughs, iron
and wood drags, seven sets of iron harrows, chain harrow
four rollers, presser. Hornby's Reaper, mowing machine,
horse rake, chaff-cutters, barley screen, oilcake mill, 
50 dozen hurdles, five dozen sheep cages, 
sheep troughs, pig troughs, Harness, hand tools, and 
numerous other effects of a large farm.
Catalogues of Mr. A. W. Xeate, Auctioneer, Valuer 
and Land Agent, Newbury and Hungerford.
22 Apr 1899 - Manor Farm to be let due to illness of tenant.
TO LET, at Michaelmas next, owing to illness
of present tenant, the MANOR FARM, EASTBURY,
belonging to Sir Francis Burdett, Bart
Acreage, 871a. 3r. 37p., of which 140 acres are down—small
proportion of water meadow. SHOOTING included. The
land is in good fettle and there is a railway station
within a f«w yards of the homestead.
For further particulars apply to L. C. Picton-Jones
Estate Office, Ingleby, Derby.
15 SEP 1899 - Sale of Live and Dead Farm Stock

MR. A. W. NEATE is instructed by Mrs.
Spackman, who is relinquishing the farm, to Sell
by Auction, on the Premises, the Manor Farm, Eastbury,
Lambourn, on Friday, 15th September, 1899. the
Live and Dead FARM STOCK, including 300 Mixed
Hampshire Down Lambs. 13 Cart Horses, Dairy Cow,
and the Implements of a 1,000 Aere Farm.
A. W. Neate, Auctioneer and Valuer, Newbury and Hungerford.

On the following map the blue line outlines areas rented by W Spackman from Sir Francis Burdett Bart in 1912 (Pigeon House Farm).

The yellow line outlines areas belonging to Elizabeth Spackman, my Great Grandmother, in 1912.

The red line outlines areas rented by W Spackman from Sir Francis Burdett Bart until Michaelmas 1899 (Manor Farm). The tenant from Michaelmas 1899 was G Bayliss.

I may have missed some pieces of land and I may have drawn lines incorrectly. If you see any errors please let me know.


View Land Farmed by my Spackman Ancestors in a larger map

I am currently studying adverts of sales in local papers to add morte detail to this.

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