Letters Frances Green, and others, to Her Brother Abraham Walter in America

Wednesday, 14 May 2014 10:32 PM BST

Contributed by: Jerry Green

 These Letters have been very difficult to read in chronological order.  The original letters can be seen here.but improved images have been inserted at the end of each transcription, where they are available. This story is just a list of links to the transcriptions of letters in date order. After visiting a letter select browser back button to return to this list. Those written by Frances have no description, in the list, but all others do.

I am sure there are many errors in my transcription, if you can improve on my transciptions please let me know.


 3rd in Book, Page 22, 31 Dec 1830

4th in Book, Page 28, 17 Mar 1832
5th in Book, Page 35, 26 Mar 1832
6th in Book, Page 40, 1 Sep 1832
7th in Book, Page 49, 25 Jul 1834
8th in Book, Page 56, 28 Feb 1835
Not in Book 28 May 1836
9th in Book, Page 64, 25 Nov 1836
11th in Book, Page 78, 26 Jan 1836
10th in Book, Page 74, 1 Dec 1837
12th in Book, Page 84, 1 Dec 1837 This is my transcript of someone else’s transcript of the above letter.
 13th in Book, Page 92, 19 May 1838
14th in Book, Page 100, 1 Feb 1840
15th in Book, Page 108, 7 Jun 1841
Not in book 8 Feb 1842 - From Peter and Sarah Grice to Sarah''s Father
16th in Book, Page 116, 26 Apr 1842
17th in Book, Page 124, 7 Aug 1843
18th in Book, Page 132, 21 Dec 1844
19th in Book, Page 138, 28 Dec 1847
Not in Book 5 Mar 1848 Letter from Sophia Payne to her sister, Charlotte.
Not in Book 21 Mar 1848 Letter from John Smith, step brother of Charlotte, to Charlotte.
20th in Book, Page 154, 4 May 1848
1st in Book, Page 6, 27 Feb 1858
 21st in Book, Page 160, 3 Aug 1858
Not in Book 26 Nov 1858
Not in Book 24 Jan 1860  Letter from Thomas Mears in Kettering to his sister Charlotte.
Not in Book 11 Jul 1862  Letter from Thomas Mears in Kettering to his sister Charlotte.
Not in Book 14 Sep 1863 Letter from Edward Brampton in London to his Uncle and Aunt, Abraham and Charlotte.
Not in Book 9 Nov 1863 Letter from Thomas Mears in Kettering to Abraham
2nd in Book, Page 17, 16 Jan 1866  Letter from Thomas Mears in Kettering to his niece , a daughter of Abraham

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