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William Spackman of Eastbury - his Will 1898

William was my Great Grandfather. William made his will in April 1898 and it looks as though he didn't expect to live long. He lived on until May 1916 in asylums (hospitals) until May 1916.

More can be seen about William's Life here.

 This is the Last Will and Testament of me William Spackman the Younger of the Manor Farm Eastbury in the Parish of Lamborne in the County of Berks Farmer by me duly made and executed this twenty sixth day of April One thousand eight hundred and ninety eight I appoint my dear wife Elizabeth Ann Spackman my brother in law Albert Booth of Sydmonton in the County of Southampton Farmer and my cousin Edward George Spackman of Up Lamborne in the Parish of Lamborne aforesaid Farmer (hereinafter referred to as my said Trustees) to be the Executors and Trustees of this my will and I appoint my Said wife during her life and after her death the Trustees for the time being of this my Will to be the Guardian and Guardians of my infant children I give all my plate linen china glass books pictures prints wearing apparel jewellery wines liquors furniture and other household effects to my said wife absolutely I give and bequeath to my said wife Elizabeth Ann Spackman the sum of one hundred Pounds to be paid as soon as conveniently may be after my decease And to my other trustees the said Albert booth and Edward George Spackman I bequeath the sum of Fifty Pounds each as an acknowledgement of the trouble they will be put to in executing the trusts of this my Will and I direct such legacies shall be paid free of duty and expenses. I give and devise all that my freehold House and Garden together with the meadow adjoining situate at Lamborne in the County of Berks formerly belonging to Thomas Bluring and now in the occupation of William Charles Tanner to my eldest son William Liddiard Spackman in fee simple And I also give and bequeath unto the said William Liddiard Spackman my Leasehold Cottage and Garden at Eastbury aforesaid purchased by me of Mary Blanche Burridge and lately in the occupation of James Hamblin I give and devise All those my freehold cottages outbuildings and Gardens situate at Eastbury aforesaid purchased by me of Charles Boorn Barnes and now in the occupation of James Dixon and Ernest Gilby And also my freehold Cottage and Garden (formerly two Cottages and Gardens) near the old Washpool at Eastbury aforesaid adjoining a bye road known as "Hind's Hoile" now in the occupation of James Little and purchased by me of the said Edward George Spackman unto my son Francis Edward Spackman in fee simple. I devise and bequeath all my Real and Personal Estate including chattels not hereby otherwise disposed of unto my said Trustees Upon Trust that my said Trustees shall give up my farming business and shall sell call in and convert into money the same or such part thereof as shall not consist of money and shall with and out of the monies produced by such sale calling in and conversion and with and out of such part of my personal estate as shall consist of money pay my funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and shall at the discretion of my said Trustees invest the residue of the said monies with power for my said Trustees from time to time at such discretion as aforesaid to vary such investments And shall stand possessed of the said residuary trust monies and the investments for the time being being representing the same Upon the trusts following (that is to say0 In trust to pay the income of the sum of three thousand Pounds as from the date of my decease unto my said wife as long as she shall continue my widow and In trust as to the income of the residue thereof to apply the whole or any part of the income of the expectant share of any child or grandchild entitled in expectancy to a share under this my Will who shall be under the age of twenty five years for or towards his or her maintenance and education and In Trust as to the residue of the said residuary trust funds and on the decease or second marriage of my said wife as to the said sum of three thousand Pounds for all my children who shall attain the age of twenty five years in equal shares and if there shall be only one such child the whole to be in trust for that one child Provided always that if any child of mine shall die in my lifetime leaving a child or children who shall survive me and shall attain the age of twenty one years then and in every such case the last mentioned child or children shall take (and if more than one equally between them) the share which his her or their parent would have taken of and in the residuary trust funds if such parent had survived me and attained the age of twenty five years And i declare that my said Trustees may at their own discretion raise any part or parts not exceeding together one moiety of the expectant share of any child or grandchild of mine under this my Will and apply the same for his or her advancement preferment or benefit or pay over such monies to any child upon his or her marriage as my Trustees shall think fit And I further declare that all monies liable to be invested under this my Will may be invested in or upon any Stocks Funds or Securities of or guaranteed by the Government of the United Kingdom or of any British Colony or Dependancy or Debenture Stock or Guaranteed or Preference Stock of any Railway or other Company in Great Britain or India incorporated by Act of Parliament or Royal Charter and paying a dividend on its ordinary Stock or Shares or upon Real Securities in England or Wales but not elsewhere And I also declare that notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained my said Trustees may in case they consider it will be beneficial to my Estate to do so carry on my farming business or any portion thereof in which I may be engaged at the time of my decease until my eldest child shall attain the age of twenty five years and that they may postpone the sale and conversion of my other Personal or my Real Estate or any part thereof for so long a time as they in their discretion shall think fit and I direct that my Trustees shall not be responsible for any loss occasioned thereby or by permitting any security or investment to remain in the same state in which it shall be at the time of my decease whether hereinbefore authorised or not And I hereby authorise my said Trustees to set aside (if they think fit) any portion of my investments at the time of my decease to the value of three thousand Pounds sterling and pay the income of such investments so set aside to my said wife as the income of the three thousand Pounds hereinbefore referred to And I also declare that the power of appointing new Trustees conferred by Statute shall for the purposes of this my Will be vested in my said wife during her life and upon any appointment under the said statutory power the number of Trustees may be altered provided that it be not reduced below two And hereby revoking all former Wills and other Testamentary Papers by me at any time heretofore made I declare this to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have to this and the three preceding sheets set my hand the day and year first herein written

Wm spackman the younger

Signed by the said William Spackman the younger as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us both being present at the same time who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses
Frederic William ??
"Sunny side" Eastbury Berkshire
Reginald L Barnes

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