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Simon Crook of Garsden - his Will - 2 Apr 1761

I'm still trying to work out where Simon fits in to my tree. In the Name of God Amen
I Simon Crook of Garsdon in the County of Wilts Clerk being
of Sound and perfect Understanding Do make my last Will and
Testament in manner following First my Will is that the Timber
and Boards at Foxley Given to me by the late Mrs Ayliffe for
Building and Repairing the Parsonage House there shall not
be removed nor Disposed of, but left for my Worthy Successor
for the Service of the Rectory Inprire? to my Sister Mary
Uncles Fifty Pounds to my Sister Elizabeth Eddolls fifty pounds
To my Two Nephews John Uncles and Simon Uncles Fifty
Pounds each to my Nephew Thomas Uncles Fifty pounds To
my Nephews Edward Baker Eddolls and John Eddolls and
my Nieces Catherine Wife of Robert Crooke and Mary
Eddolls and to Catherine Lane I Give Fifty Pounds each
To George Knights Four Children I Give Fifty pounds

Share and Share alike My Will and Meaning is that my
Executrix hereinafter mentioned if She thinks Proper for the []
Dispose of either of their Shares in Schooling or []thing
it shall be the same as if paid to them in Money I Give
to my Sister Elizabeth Crook and to my Nephews Thomas
Crook Edward Crook John Crook Simon Crook Robert Crook
and to my Nieces Alice Crook? Elizabeth Crook and Catharine
Crook Twenty Pounds each I Give to my Servants that shall
be living with me at my Decease Five Pounds each To the
Poor of Garsdon Five Pounds to be Distributed by my
Executrix as She thinks Proper I Give to every Poor Family
living in Foxley at the time of my Decease Ten Shillings I
Give to the Second? Poor of Brinkworth all my gowns
Cassocks Bands and Study of Books I Give to the honourable
and Reverend George Ingram of Crudwell my Writing Desk
I Give to my Friends the Revd Mr Seale and the Revd Mr
[] and the Minister that buries me a Guinea a piece for
[] I Give to my Apothecary Joseph Dalby a Guinea
I Give bequeath and Devise all my Goods and Chattels
Lands and Tenements not before Given bequeathed and
devised to my Niece Mary Uncles whom I make Executrix
of this my last Will and Testament Simon Crook Signed
Sealed Published and Declared by the within named Testator
as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who have
set our hands as Witnesses in the Testators Presence this
second day of April 1761 - W Williams - Thomas Bishop
Mark of Joshua Ranger

This Will was proved at London theTwenty
first day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand seven
hundred and Sixty three ... by the oath of Mary Uncles Spinster the Niece of the deceased

On 23 May 1778 Admon ...left unadministered by Mary Uncles Spinster deceased ... Admon was granted to Catherine Lane Wife of Isaac Lane the Sister of the Admin

On 15th April 1819 Admon ..due to death of Catherine Lane .. Admon granted to George Knight the Nephew of the Admon.

On the 7th August 1824 Admon ... due to death of George Knight ... was granted to another George Knight
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