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Susanna Flower of Calne - her Will -1811?

 Susanna was my 5x Great Grandmother. More of her details can be found here. Her relationship to my Mother can be seen here. This Will has lots missing but it still provides lots of information on the family.

 This is the last Will and Testament of me

Susanna Flower of Calne in the County of Wilts who being of sound and disposing
Mind Memory and Understanding (thanks be to God for the same) Do make and publish
this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following (that is to say) First I do
hereby give devise and bequeath unto my Son in Law John Spackman of the Freeth Farm in the
parish of Compton Bassett in the County of Wilts Yeoman and my Son in Law George Pierce? of No9
Richmond Buildings Dean Street Soho in the County of Middlesex Jeweller their Executors and Admons
the sum of Seven hundred pounds In Trust nevertheless that they my said Trustees do and shall
immediately after my decease continue the same on such Security as the same shall happen to be placed
upon at the time of my decease or otherwise do and shall put and place the same on Government or on
sufficient Freehold Security or Securities vested in their joint and respective names and that
they do and shall pay and apply the Interest of two hundred pounds part thereof unto my
Daughter Ann Robins Wife of John Robins of the parish of Bulford in the County of Wilts Yeoman
for and during her natural life and from and after her decease do and shall pay such Interest on the
said two hundred pounds unto my Son in Law John Robins for and towards the maintenance
and support of all and every the Child and Children of my said Daughter Ann Robins until they
The rest of this Will is missing
Know all Men by these Presents that We Joseph
Spackman of the Parish of Compton Bassett
in the County of Wilts Farmer John Spackman
of Calne in the said County of Wilts Sadler and
John Ladd of Calne aforesaid Gent
are held and firly bound unto the Reverend and Wor-
shipful Thomas Henry Hearne? Clerk MA Treasury
of the Cathedral Church of Sarum and Prebendary of
the Prebend of Calne in the County of Wilts anciently?
provided? in the said Cathedral Church and to his said
Treasurership is united and annexed
in the Sum of One Thousand Pounds of
good and lawful Money of Great Britain, to be paid unto
the said Treasurer
or to his certain Attorney, Executors, Administrators, or
Assigns, to which Payment, well and truly to be made, we
oblige ourselves, and each of us by himself severally
for the whole our and each of our Heirs, Executors, and
Administrators, firmly by these presents, sealed with our
Seals, dated the fourteenth Day of January
in the eighth Year of the Reign of our
Sovereign Lord George the fourth by the
Grace of God of the untited Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and in the Year of
our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and twenty eighth
The Condition of this Obligation is such, That if the above bounden
Joseph Spackman and of the lawful Children of John
Spackman and Sarah his wife both deceased who hath
attained his Age of twenty one years And one of the
Legatees of the last Will and Testament with codiciil annexed of Susanna
Flower late of Calne in the County of Wilts and
Jurisdiction of the Treasurer of the Cathedral Church of
Sarum deceased and also Administrator of all and
singular the Goods Chattles and Credits of the said
Susanna Flower deceased (with her Will annexed) left
unadministered by John Spackman one of the joint Executors
in the said Will named who survived his Co Executor George
Pearce but departed this life some time since [   ]
Robins, Widow and Betsey Pearce Widow the surviving
residuary legatees in the said Codicil named having duly 
renounced their Right and Title to the administrator?
of the Effects of the said Susanna Flower deceased
Do and shall, well and truly execute and perform the said Will, and pay the 
Debts and Legacies...
Joseph Spackman
John Spackman
Jno Ladd
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