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William Palmer of Upper Lambourn - his Will - 1810

William was my 5x Great Uncle. His relationship with my Mother can be seen here. More information on his life can be seen here.

 This is the last Will & Testament

of me William Palmer of Up Lambourn in the County of Berks
Farmer First I direct that all my just debts Legacies and Funeral
Expenses  be paid and discharged by my Executors hereinafter named
and after payment thereof and subject thereto I give and devise unto
my dear Wife all that my Messuage or Tenement outbuildings Garden
and premises situate in up Lambourn aforesaid called the day? house
and now in the occupation of Henry Waldron to hold unto my said
dear Wife and her assigns for and during the term of her natural
life and from and immediately after her decease I give devise and
bequeath all that the aforesaid Messuage or Tenement and Premises
called the day? house with the appurts and also all other Freehold
Messuages Tenements and Heredits and all other my Estate in Great
Britain and also all my Personal Estate and Effects Stock in Trade
Money and Securities for Money whatsoever and wheresoever unto my
Son William Palmer and Friends James? Spicer of Chipping
Lambourn in the County of Berks Esqr and Thomas Palmer of East
Garston in the said County of Berks Farmer their heirs Executors and
admons In trust nevertheless and upon this special Trust and []
and to for and upon the several uses and intents and purposes hereinafter
] expressed and declared of and ] the same that is to say
to the intent and purpose that my said dear wife and her assigns be
authorised and impower to survive or otherwise that my said Trustees
pay unto her one annuity or [] yearly Sum of one hundred pounds
of lawful money clear of and from and over and above the Income?
Tax and all other Taxes and Impositions whatsoever now imposed or
to be imposed thereon by authority of Parliament or otherwise howsoever
for and during the term of her natural life by two most usual Feasts or
days of payment in the year (that is to say) the Feast of the annunciation of
the Blessed virgin Mary and Saint Michael the archangel by equal
portions the first payment to begin and be made on such of the said Feast
days or days of payment as shall next happen after my decease and also to
this further intent and purpose that in case the said annuity or Yearly Sum
of one hundred pounds or any part thereof shall be behind and unpaid by
the space of Thirty days next over or after any or either of the said Feasts or
days hereinbefore appointed for payment thereof and whenever the same
ought to be paid then and so often from time to time as it shall so
happen it shall and may be lawful to and for my said wife and her
assigns into and upon all or any part of my said Estates charged with the
said annuity as aforesaid to enter and distrain and the distress and distn for
[] and there found to detain impound and keep or otherwise dispose of as
in cases of[] in common [] until thereby or therewith or
otherwise the said annuity or yearly Sum of one hundred pounds and all
[[] thereof if any and charges from time to time attending such 
distress shall be fully paid and satisfied and I hereby declare the annuity
and Estate for life so given to my said dear wife for life and in full []
[] and satisfaction of all [] or [[] at common Law or by Statute
which my said wife could can or may have or claim out of my Real and
personal Estate and also that they my said Trustees shall and do []
out of such personal Trust Fund or Real Estate the Sum of
Two thousand pounds and lay out and invest the same at Interest on
Government or Real Securities in the joint names of my said Trustees and
the Survivor of them and for them and the Survivor of them his Exors
and admons to stand possessed thereof In Trust to service? the dividends or
Interest as the same shall accrue due and pay the same into the proper
hands of my daughter Mary now the Wife of Mr John Clark of
[[] during the term of her natural life and notwithstanding
her Coverture and I hereby declare that her receipt alone for payment
to her of the same shall from time to time and at all times
notwithstanding her present or any future Couverture be a good and
sufficient discharge to my said Trustees and the Survivors and Survivor of
them and that such dividends or other  annual produce thereof shall at
all times be deemed [[] and [] as my daughters separate Estate
and on no account be paid to her husband or be charged or chargeable
with his debts or in any way be subject or liable thereto or to his receipt
control or disposal and if the said dividends or Interest shall
be in any way mortgaged sold or assigned given up or in any way
Incumbered by my said daughter and her husband I hereby declare that
from and after the execution of any need? or needs? by my said daughter
or her husband or both of them whereby such annual produce may be
assigned charged or Incumber the Bequest so made by me for the
benefit of my said daughter in the dividends Interest or annual produce
of the said Sum of two thousand pounds shall ] from thenceforth
and be void as to her in the same way as if she was naturally dead
and it shall be lawful and right at all times afterwards for my
Trustees and the Survivor of them his Executors and admons to refuse
payment thereof to her or such assignee or mortgagee and from and
immediately after the decease of my said daughter I give the said
principal Sum of two thousand pounds and all Interest and dividends
then due thereon unto all and every the children of my said daughter
share and share alike to be paid them when and as they shall respectively
arrive at the age of Twenty one years with benefit of Survivorship amongst
 them in the mean time and in case my said daughter shall have only
 one child or being [] all but one shall die I give such two thousand
 pounds and all accumulated Interest and dividends thereof unto such
 only child to be paid to him or her on he or she attaining the age of
 Twenty one years and in case all and every the Children or only Child of
 my said daughter shall die before they he or she arrive at the age of
 Twenty one years I then direct the said Sum of Two thousand pounds
 and all accumulated Interest and dividends thereof to [] and be a part
 of my residuary Estate I give and bequeath unto my said dear wife
 one hundred pounds to be paid to her immediately after my decease
 for her immediate use and the further Sum of one hundred pounds to
 purchase Furniture and as to all the rest residue and remainder of my
 said Trust Fund and Residuary Estate both Real and Personal I give
 and devise the same and every part  thereof with the appurts unto my
 dear Son the said William Palmer his Heirs Executors admons and
 assigns for ever to and for his and their own proper use and benefit
 and I hereby declare it to be my will and mind that it shall and
 may be lawful to and for my said Trustees and the Survivor of them
 and his heirs to raise by way of Mortgage of my said Freehold Estates all such
 Sum and Sums of money as my personal Estate may happen to be deficient in
 providing for all an every the purposes aforesaid if that should happen and for
 that purpose to grant and devise all and every part of my Freehold Messuages
 Lands Tenements and heredits for any Term or number of years by way of mortgaged
 to the person or persons who may advance the same and I hereby declare that the
 receipt and receipts of my said Trustees shall at all times be a good and sufficient
 discharge to the person or persons advancing such mortgage money provided also
 and it is my will and mind that in case either my Son or daughter shall die
 without leaving a child or children lawfullt begotten then and in such case only I give
 to my said dear wife an additional annuity or Sum of Twenty pounds for her life to
 be paid as the said annuity aforesaid and I hereby charge the same on my
 Freehold Estates provided also  and my will and meaning is that it shall and
 may be lawful to and for my said Trustees and the Survivor? of them his heirs
 Executors and admons to reimburse and satisfy themselves by with and out of
 the said Trust Estates and Funds all such costs charges damages and Expenses
 as they may sustain or be put unto in performing the Trusts hereby in them
 reposed and that they or any of them shall not be answerable or accountable for
 any such monies that shall actually come to their hands respectively nor
 shall the one of them be answerable or accountable for the arts receipts neglects
 or defaults of the other of them but each for his own arts goods? receipt and
 wilful neglect or default only and I do hereby nominate Constitute and appoint
 my said dear Son William Palmer with the said James Spicer and Thomas
 Palmer Executors of this my will and I do hereby annul and make void
 all and every will by me at any time heretofore made and all and every
 codicil or codicils thereto and do declare this present writing contained in five
 sheets of paper my last Will and Testament In witness whereof I have to the
 last four preceeding sheets set my hand and to this fifth and last Sheet my
 hand and Seal this tenth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand
 Eight hundred and ten Wm Palmer Signed Sealed published and declared by
 the said Testator William Palmer the Father in the presence of us who at his
 request in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our
 names as witnesses hereto Geo Ryley Wm Pirnell Peter Knight
 Proved at London 16th April 1812 before thevJudge by the oathsof
 William Palmer the Son James Spicer and Thomas Palmer the Executors
 to whom  admon was granted  they having been first sworn by Commission
duly to administer. 
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