Letter Frances Green to her brother, Abraham Walter 28 May 1836

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 Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham Walter and his family were in Ellisburgh, Jefferson County, New York.The original is not in the book. 

 Kingsthrop May 28 1836

Dear Brother
I received yours quite safe with the coins and we was
all very Pleased with it and more so with yours
account that you gave and I daily Pray that God
will Prosper you more and more so that you may see
your children are brought up and settled Comfortable
I received an account of the Death of Mrs Mears
which taken Place on the 21 of April last I did
not know any thing of her Illness it she was dead
Fanny and her Brother are at Newton Tho
Works for Wm Bell and I have not heard what
will become of Fanny now her Mother is dead
Mrs Brampton is at Warkton? still and one
of her Daughters is living Lady maid at Findon
and as been 3 or 4 years and the other is in London
and the others sisters are much in the same
situation as they was wen Charlot left them but
I seldom hear of them if they thought much
about their sister they would enquire of me
all you Friends in this Cuntery are very glad
to hear so good account of you and I beleive they
are all in tenable health except Aunt Bradshaw
who is very Poorly but she gets old so we cannot?
effect her to be much better Mr G and myself
ar rather better than we have been but we must
not effect to be very stout but we have had
very long could Weather and the Weather still
cold so much so that we cannot do without fire
to be any comfortable but it is a great Bleakness
that we can have [] and even []
I Pray that my hart may be more Gratefull
for I have much to be thankfull for. we had a
Grand day at Northampton yesterday the
first stone of a Lunatic Asylum was laid and
[      ] large a concours of People
all Friends write in love and good
wishes to you and your Family
and hope we may meat once more
in this World if it is Gods will if not long
we meat in the World wear [] and [] are no more
The rest of this letter is missing.

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