Letter from Edward Brampton to Abraham and Charlotte Walter 14 Sep 1863

Friday, 5 June 2020 05:00 PM BST

Contributed by: Jerry Green

Edward was a nephew of Charlotte Walter, the wife of Abraham Walter, the brother of my GG Grandmother Frances Green. Septr 14 1863
Woods Mews
Dear Uncle and Aunt
I received your kind and welcome
Letter on the 10th of
September 1863 and was
very Glad to here that your
are all quite well but I am
sorry to say that my
Mother died on the 12
of March 1863 she was in
her 78 year Mother never
stood on her Legs for more
than 12 Months before she
Died and a little time

before she died we was
oblige to feed her for she
was quite helpless altogether
and I hope these few lines
will find you and Aunt and
all the family quite well
as it leaves some of us
not very well at this time
but we must be very thankful
to think that we are
so well as we are thank
god for it we have had
the Doctor attending of one
ever since last Christmas
and she has not had her
Clothes on since the 8 of
Last February

and I have been Laid up
this 5 weeks with a bad arm
but I am going on very favourable
now with it and all the
rest are pretty well at this time
thank God for it and their is
not one of our family at
Warkton now four of us are
in London one in the
Country and Samuel is
dead I have not seen nor
heard from Thomas Mears
nor any of Mother's relations since
I left home that is 35 years
since and never been down
that part of the country since

and I conclude with my Love
to uncle and Aunt and all
Cousins and I should Like
to hear from you again as
soon as you can make it convenient
to write
I remain your
Edward Brampton

Direct to me
18 Woods Mews
Park St
Grosvenor Sqr
London England

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