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Letter Frances Green to Abraham Walter her Brother 26 Nov 1858

Frances Walter married my Great Great Grandfather William Green and had three children William, George (my Great Grandfather) and Elizabeth. Her brother Abraham was in Indiana. and her brother William had been transported to Australia.
Kingsthrop Nov 26 (1858)
My Dear Brother I fear you will
think it long befor I answer yours
but I have been Paticler? engaged
and also I wished to get all the
information I could about the
Family I named respecting sending
them I am sorry to say that I dare
not Pretend to arrange? it for I
find he is so fond of drink he wont
be other a hinder than a helper
and his Wife at this time in a very
Ill state of health or she would do
her Part so we must give up the
thoughts of sending them altogether

I wish that their might be some thing
fall out that would be a comfort
to you in your old Age but I
doupt not that the same Almighty
bein? that as Preserved you either
too will still watch over you and
Provid for you in that way
which will be best for us I should
very much wish to do something
that would add to your Comfort
but I do not see any what way
I must tell you my Daughter was
married again after been a Widow
12 years I hope it will be for
her good as she is now just turned
36 I must not complain as she
is been a very dutiful Child and
conducted herself with the greatest

Proprity ever since she as been
left and their is no Children Ill
trust all will be well. my Son as
got 3 little Boys the oldest is
not 4 years old till March but
they are fine Healthy Children
which is a great Blessing I supose
that you have got many Grand
Children, Aunt Cook is still living
in her 81 year and able to get
about quite well goes to Market
as usell lives in a house by
hiself all our other relations are
well as far as I know and I am
happy to say that I cuntinue in very
good health for which I cannot
be too thankfull it is one of the
greatest Blessings we can enjoy
in this World. we have had very
sever Frost for this time but

yesterday thay was a change and
to day it is like Spring the
Weather is very changeable in this
Cuntry. I can never expect to see
you again in this World but trusting
in a Saviours mercy I hope we
shall be found worthy of a Place
in his hevenely kingdom and
we are just as near heaven
free and their
give my kindest love
to your Wife and yourself
I remain your
affectionate? Sister Fr Green
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