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Letter from Thomas Mears to his Brother in Law, Abraham Walter - 9 Nov 1863

The brother of my GG Grandmother, Frances Walter, was married to Charlotte Mears. Thomas was Charlotte's brother.
Kettering Nov 9th 63
Dear Brother and all freinds
received your Letter and was
very sorry to hear of your great
Loss butt its what we must all
Come to sooner or Later so I hope
they are all better provided for
I was just agoing to write if I
had nott received yours butt the
reason why i did nott write sooner
was i will tell of all last winter
was such a winter as never was
known before in the memory
of man we had no snow nor
came a frost so that we Could
hardly tell winter from summer
Only by the Green Leaves and
Length of Days which Caused
sickness to rage through the
Country to a Great extend Called
the Bron Kitus which

Began with a sore throat and
thin proceeded to the Lungs
which Terminated in a few hours
though by the Blessings of God
me and my sister fanny and
all of us have escaped and are
now in good health Mrs Brampton
Died Last march mrs John smith
Died the beggining of the winter
John smith himself Died Last
march and One of his sons
Died a few weeks ago mrs Baines?
as was in America had two
Children born there and has
buried them both and remembers
snow Too numerous To mention
as you no well itt is now
quite Ceased and are all in Gen
erall Good health throughout
The Country Last summer
was one of the finest summers
Ever Known and the Greatest

Produce in all Kinds of Corn
wheat average 7 quaters To
the Acre Barley from 8 To 9
quaters and all other Corn in
Proportion Down in the fenn
they had from 10 to 12 quaters
of wheat to the Acre and all
other Corn in addition Our
potatoes Crops are extremely
good so we have bread Cheap
which is a great Blessing Our
Cotton factories are very dull?
on account of the war in America
Calico as used to be 2 1/2 per yard
is now 8 There such very
Great Changes now in agriculture
you would nott scasely Creditt
thrashing and winnowing is now
all done by steam most of
the plowing Done by steam
4 furrows at Once scufflers
by steam reaping machines
which do 10 Acres a Days

Water Mills & windmills
most of them Go by steam
i was att Rowell about a
fortnight Back and all your
freinds there are much as usual
i see One of William walters
sons and i enquired of mrs G
reen and he told me she was
Living att Kingsthorpe if
you recevd this Letter Please
to Answer itt as soon as you
Can if i Could butt see any One
of you itt would be an unspeak
able Blessing to me
with my Kind Love To you
And Give my Love to all
your Children and tell
them i shall always have them
i Remembrance & fanny Love
To you All Thos Mears
Thos Mears star yard

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