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Letter from Thomas Mears to his Sister Charlotte - 24 Jan 1860

The brother of my GG Grandmother, Frances Walter, was married to Charlotte Mears. Thomas was Charlotte's brother Kettering Jany 24th 1860
Dear Sister
if you receive my Letter as i trust you will
you perhaps will think itt strange me writing
again so quick butt am now a going To send you every
Particular i can possibly think off Mrs Brampton has
Left Warkton about twenty five years and is now living
in London along with her daughter Eliza which is married
and settled there she has i understand allow her
weekly by the Duke so as to Make her Comfortable Charles
Edward and James are all in London butt what they are
Doing i dont no samuel is dead Mary Ann is settled att
finedon your sister Kendall as been dead about 9 years
and the public house they Lived in was sold about 24 years
ago Mr kilburn of Desboro bought itt and Occupied itt himself
they took another house in the Town and kept the Blacksmith
shop on and done more Comfortable than they did when they
had them Both Mr Kendall is now almost past work James
is at home with him he is very steady and nott married
William is a Carpenter settled at harrington near Rowell and is
Doing well John was a Tailor settled in Lodon butt has been
dead severall years Mary married one of the Berrys and settled
att Ashby butt has been dead for? five years and Left three
Children your sister sophia has Bein dead about 10 years francis
was deranged about 12 years Back and was took to theNorthampton
asylum and died the about 4 years Back and was Brought to
Geddington to be Burried they had 5 daughters and three sons

Mary is settled att old and has a family of 9 or 10 Children
Ann was married att Geddington and is dead about 3years and
Left 4 Children hannah Lucy and Eliza are single and in
service William is single and very unsteady John and Thomas
are both dead thomas gott drowned mr and mrs Ashby are both
dead Henry John William and hames are all married and settled in London
butt what they are doing i do nott no samuell is very unsteady and settled
dudly in warwickshire Mary is married and settled in her fathers house
and his name Clipstone she has three daughters The Oldest Girl is
married one of Mr Baines sons and is some were in america butt
what part i do nott no John smith has that farm as Mr Ashby use to have
he as three sons and one daughter One son a Butcher in the shop were
Mr Brown use to have and keep a post office there One has a farm
att worckton as Mr Brampton use to have One has a farm a weekley
is mr John Brampton use to have and is daughter is married att wilby
and is doing well Rebbaca and Thomas are both dead Bettany is
married and settled att Brighton Near London Mr Norton of
Kettering has been dead 2 or 3 years and has Left 2 sons and 2
Daughters his daughters are Both married and settled att Lester one
son was married and settled att welford and after his father died he
Came to his Business along with his mother butt he was very un
steady and Could nott Gett on so he is Gone to America butt what
part he is in i do nott no the Other sons has Left Kettering about
3 months and is gone some were in Lestershire There []
and his wife name Palmer which i no well and they are gone
from Kettering Lately into America
To Perrys Lake in the County state of iowa?

So now i must begin with myself i have been att Kettering
severall years and have been married about 8 years have no family
and keep 4 Cows and sell Milk and have some Garden in the
field to fill up my Leisure Time my wife Getts up Linen
for several Gentle people and my sister fanny is Living with me
so that i Gett a Good Living and a trifle more Kettering is
now in a prosperous state we have The rail road To itt Goes through
Ruston and Desboro which we can travail for 1 penny per mile
To any part of the Country we gett Brought home to oure own
Door from 8 pence to 10 pence per hundred we have three Large
Silk factories 1 large stay factory 1 Large Breeches vest
and Coat factory by machinery 1 Large Chicory factory
1 Large mustard factory the shoe trade is good so that
all who have family the more the Better Girls about 10 or 12
years of age are able to Gett 6 or 7 shillings per week and all
women is can use needle can have stays at home to do
att Rowell and Desboro there are severall factorys Rowell
is use to pay 21 or 22 shillings in the pound poor rates
Does nott pay more than 3 or 4 shillings now

Dear Sister when i think of you and your Dear
Children and particular my favourite boy Robert
and gone by Days itt makes my tears roll Like
rivers of waters as we were born in One house and
if it was the Lords will i should Like to Die in one
so now i Conclude with my whole heart in Love
to you and your husband and your dear Children
and poor Robert with my sister fanny Love to you
all and my wife Love to you all
Please to send me word Back
whether you Receive these Letters as nott
Direct Thomas Mears star yard
Pleas to send me word were They are all settled
i hope this will find you all in Good health as itt Leaves
us all att this time we have the Best flour at 32 shillings per sack

my mother died the 23rd Day of
April in the year 36 and is
Burried att Newton the side
of my father Mr Betts are
Living att Newton still Mr
and miss Rippin are dead
one of Mr Bells sons has
the farm Mr Bagshaw
are still Living Thos
and Sussanah Chapman
are still Living Old Mrs
Pack at Geddington is
been dead about 6 months
88 years of age Mrs
Brown is still Living

Mrs Norton has Left
Kettering and gone to
Lester to Live with one of
her daughters Old Mr
Benjamin Cheney of Rowell
was Coming to Kettering market
2 years Last summer and
was murdered in the middles
of the day by a young man
of Rowell who he had offended
the name of pinnock
now i have told you all i can think of
my Dear sister good bye and
if i Could butt see you once more
itt would be Joy unspeakable
as well wishes to you and your
husband and all the Family
Thos Mears


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